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Field Trips (2018)

JAIST organizes Field Trip for international students to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture, while also deepening their exchanges.

Sightseeing in Ginkakuji and Gion

On Saturday, October 27, 40 JAIST international students from 11 countries visited Ginkakuji and Gion in Kyoto prefecture. In a world heritage site, Ginkakuji, each participant took pictures in front of a national treasure, Kannon-den and strolled around the garden enjoying the autumn leaves which have begun to change color. After having shojin-ryori (vegetarian) lunch at a Japanese restaurant near the Yasaka Shrine, participants visited Gion, one of the most popular places among foreign tourists. They were completely fascinated by scenery of old historical town and its atmosphere, it was a great opportunity for the students to experience a part of Kyoto’s traditional culture.


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