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Field Trips (2019)

JAIST organizes Field Trip for international students to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture, while also deepening their exchanges.

Ishikawa Regional Conference "International Students Exchange Promotion 2019”

On Saturday, November 2, 40 international students from 8 countries and 5 universities in Ishikawa including JAIST visited Eiheiji and Echizen Washi Village in Fukui prefecture.
This field trip was organized by JAIST as Ishikawa Regional Conference "International Students Exchange Promotion 2019".
Participants got lectured and a tour by a professional guide, and then experienced Zazen for 30 minutes. They concentrated on doing Zazen perfectly with a good posture although there are many manners. The moment they spent was peacefully, and it was very new to them.
After having shojin-ryori (vegetarian) lunch at a Japanese restaurant near Eiheiji, participants visited Echizen Washi Village. They received an explanation in a relaxed atmosphere, then they tried to do papermaking and enjoyed making original colored paper.
Students from China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar enjoyed the international exchange and they had a good opportunity to communicate with students from other universities.

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