【受験予定の方へ】新型コロナウイルス感染症等への対応について(※令和2年2月21日現在)/[To All the Examinees] Regarding the Outbreaks of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)< As of February 21 >




<As of February 21>
 At JAIST, we announced the precautionary measures below on February 14 in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and other infections and we are advising every examinee to take all the necessary precautions such as observing cough etiquette and washing your hands properly.
 We ask all the examinees to wear a mask on the day of your examination in order to prevent the spread of infection. You must report to the reception if you do not have one on the day of your examination.
 Also, you will be asked to sanitize your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers which will be available at the examination venues.

 A new cabinet order was implemented on February 1, 2020 to designate the novel coronavirus as “Designated Infectious Disease” and it has been classified as Type 1 Infectious Disease according to the stipulations set by the School Health and Safety Act.
 If you have been diagnosed with an infectious disease as defined by the School Health and Safety Act including the novel coronavirus or a flu, and have not been fully cured, you are not allowed to attend the examination.
 We do not have any plans of making special arrangements for those who could not take the examination for the above reason including rescheduling of the examination.

 If you have any symptoms such as a persistent fever near the date of your examination, you must consult your doctor and receive necessary treatment.
 You must report to the reception if you have a fever or any respiratory symptoms on the day of your examination in order to prevent the spread of infection to other examinees.





<As of February 14>

A coronavirus outbreak has been reported in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China and it is spreading across the country and to the other parts of the world.

As for the forthcoming examination, we advise all the examinees to take precautionary measures such as below and take good care of yourselves as it is also cold and flu season.

- Wear a mask.
- Wash your hands properly.
- Gargle frequently.
- Avoid crowds.
- Check the latest information.

We advise all the examinees to wear masks on the day of the examination in order to prevent infection.
Please note that we may ask you to remove your mask for identification.
Also, the examiners and staff supervisors may also be wearing masks during the examination.