Student Life

JAIST International Student News(2014)

We release the current statuses of international students in JAIST and the former international students of JAIST who are successfully working all over the world.

Message from the president of JAIST

浅野学長As the new president of JAIST, I would like to send you a message of appreciation and encouragement. In my speech at the entrance ceremony to welcome new students on April 4th, I stressed “the importance of changing something” to experience a new stage in your life filled with new possibilities. Changing something is truly a brave decision because we need to give up something if we wish to change something. All of you have come to a new place, JAIST, expecting a new development in your life. I admire and appreciate your courage to take the major change in your life.
Taking on the challenges of graduate education in Japan is an ambitious undertaking, full of expectations. Some of you might have felt uneasy to come to this unfamiliar Ishikawa Prefecture. I can assure you that you have made a good decision! Ishikawa is a prefecture renowned for its rich culture with excellent traditional Japanese arts. I believe that there is a common spirit of expertise in professional craftsmanship in traditional arts, and the leading scientists and engineers. My hope is that you will enrich your experience at JAIST not only with your hard work for research and study, but also through positive contacts with Japanese culture. Please accept our heartfelt wishes for the most enjoyable and fruitful success in all your endeavors, and the new stage of your life at JAIST.

ASANO, Tesuo

JAIST international students joined the event held by Nomi City

Nanohana Festival in Nomi 2014 was held at Akitsuneyama burial mound group in Nomi on April 13.

Nanohana Festival has been annually held by Nomi City in spring to boost an awareness of environmental conservation. Having a good time with field mustard blossoms which seeds were planted in the previous fall, participants can experience environmental conservation activities and also can enjoy events and sales of specialties by local.

This time, we would like to report how international students could enjoy field mustard blossoms and other events at Akitsuneyama burial mound group.

Additionally, participating international students paid Environmental Cooperation Fee through Nomi International Friendship Association (NIFA) to cooperate on efforts in local environmental conservation.

At a venue. They were listening to
instructions from a member of NIFA.

JAIST international students and members
of NIFA heading toward field mustard blossoms

Group photo of JAIST Thai students

With Bangladeshi students and his son

A family on a rickshaw. We are off now!

Cherry blossoms were also bloomed
as well as field mustard blossoms.

Message from Alumni(Mr. Vladimir Fabrega)

We have a message for you from Mr. Vladimir Fabrega, a graduate MEXT scholarship student of Master's Program in School of Information Science.

Vladimir Fabregaさん
Mr. Vladimir Fabrega

My name is Vladimir Fabrega. I'm from a very tiny country called Panama in Central America. Most of you might have heard of it because of the Panama Canal. I'm a very proud graduate student of Master’s Program of JAIST. I studied in School of Information Science at JAIST since 2000 to 2002.

My experience in JAIST was fantastic. I really liked my laboratory and my colleagues. I learned a lot from my professors and everyone else. The professors at JAIST are top quality as well as the equipment. JAIST has a parallel computer that we don´t have in my little country and the labs are well equipped with the latest technology.

The title of my master thesis was “Adapting Video Transmission over the Internet for Distance Learning”, if you would like to have an access to it, you can find it in

By the way, once you finish your studies at JAIST, your thesis is going to be published in your laboratory webpage.

The library at JAIST is amazing. It has all the necessary books and materials for your studies through the terms. And these are not just in Japanese but in English as well.

The dormitories at JAIST are very comfortable. They have all you need, like washing machine, drier, desk, etc. If you go to JAIST with your wife or husband, you may ask for a family accommodation, depending on the availability. The family accommodations have two rooms, kitchen and laundry room. It is quite comfortable. And the most important thing is that it is quite cheap for Japanese prices. There is a huge supermarket close to JAIST about 15 minutes by car, you will need a method of transportation to get there thought.

In your leisure time, like weekends, JAIST is close to the mountains so you can go to the nearest ski place in 15 minutes during the winter and during the summer you can go to the beach in about 30 minutes.

Since I came back from Japan, I have worked in different organizations. First I worked at Dell as a Tech Support Manager. I was one of the managers that opened the Panama Site. I am still involved in the IT field throughout my job history at the Supreme Court, Cable and Wireless and so on.

If you are a student and you are trying to decide whether to go to JAIST to study, I will recommend you to do because of all that I have mention in this brief review.

Hope you can achieve all you goals and dreams,

Vladimir Fabrega from Panama
Proud graduate student from JAIST

Message from Alumni(Mr. DWIVEDI, Sumant)

We have a message from Mr. DWIVEDI, Sumant who has just graduated from our Doctoral Program in School of Material Science in this June and started his new career as a scientist.

Mr. DWIVEDI, Sumant
Mr. DWIVEDI, Sumant

Dear all,

My name is Sumant Dwivedi. I am from New Delhi, India

I have successfully accomplished the doctoral course in the tenure of 2011 to 2014 at School of Materials Science, JAIST.

My experience at JAIST was really great. In the view point of research, I believe JAIST is the most admired place because of many reasons, such as

  • World class faculty and eminent professors with great experience in the industry and/or in academia.
  • Statistically, JAIST is gaining popularity not only in the Japan but also all over the world in terms of the advanced research ability.
  • Well equipped laboratory with facilities to conduct advanced experiments without compromising the safety standards.
  • Hands on experience for students to access the cutting edge technology (advanced experiments and instrumentation) to meet the objective of their research and/or to search new horizons in the field of science and technology for advanced applications.
  • 24 x 7 JAIST library accessibility - a huge database of bilingual (Japanese as well as English) knowledge, which not only offer fundamental textbooks, latest scientific journals, articles etc., from the various concerned fields but also provides a great facility for the general readers with audio-visual learning rooms. JAIST library is one of the best places I have experienced in my tenure at this institute. In one word it was awesome.
  • The JAIST staff is very student friendly as they are always ready to help in all the situations.
  • JAIST conducts several seminars, conferences and workshops which are very helpful to update the knowledge. Besides this, JAIST also provides opportunity to attend such program/internship outside JAIST. In my case I visited SCG, Chemicals in Thailand to pursue an internship and attended several international conferences.

In terms of living at the JAIST dormitory, my experience was overwhelming. Although single rooms are small but they are comfortable and space management in the room is great. All rooms have basic amenities including air conditioner, refrigerator, kitchen etc. There are several supermarkets near JAIST which can be easily accessed either by JAIST shuttle bus (free) or Nomi city bus.

As JAIST is located in the valley of mountains, it makes the surroundings full of greenery – a beautiful view. Furthermore, in the month of April the cherry blossom originate a heavenly view all around the JAIST. In spare time there are many nearby places to be explored such as a river (Tedorigawa) is flowing at distance of about 3 km, which further enhance the natural beauty of this area and provides an awesome place for small parties in an open atmosphere.

Besides this, about 5 km from JAIST there is a rope car facility (Shishiku Park) to reach on a top of mountain to enjoy skiing with a spectacular view of this whole region.

Last but not least, Kanazawa, the heart of Ishikawa-is easily accessible with trains either from Tsurugi or Komatsu station. Kanazawa not only exemplifies the great culture of Japan with several museums, temples and castle but also demonstrate the marvelous connection of Japan modern architectures with the ancient one. I believe it is one of the best places to be visited in Japan.

To all prospective and current students, I strongly recommend to enjoy research as well as life at JAIST.

Wishing you all good luck to pursue your dream with hard-work and dedication.

Dr. Sumant Dwivedi (PhD)
Reliance Industries Limited, India