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JAIST International Student News(2019)

We release the current statuses of international students in JAIST and the former international students of JAIST who are successfully working all over the world.

1.message from Alumni (Mr.Ogunleye,Olamikunre Osinimu)

2.message from Alumni (Mr.Hasan Mohammad Nur)

Dear international students who plan to enroll in JAIST

I have many pleasant memories my time at JAIST. The campus was cosmopolitan-consisting of students from all over the world. I got to learn about cultures other than my country; food, clothing and even way of life that were different. This experience broadened my perspective about life in general.

Some of the lectures on campus were taught in English. The student Affairs Department staffs were very helpful and solve problems during my stay on campus. They had good command of English, therefore able to interact easily with me.

The weather in JAIST was quite unique, winter was very cold and summer was very hot. Spring and autumn were the best seasons for me. I was able to take amazing pictures during the brief cheery blossom season. Thanks to the University for having the initiative to grow such trees, thus beautifying the campus.

The education I got from JAIST was world class. With the support of my supervisor, I was able to publish my research paper with a very good journal. With the exposure and academic rigor I passed through during my time in JAIST, I am confident that the sky is just the limit. In the nearest future, I plan to do a post doc to further or start a new research field.

I would admonish prospective students to pick JAIST. For Japanese students, I think it’s a good place to learn English language because of the diversity of students admitted into JAIST. Research is also very intense and rewarding because of the top notch academics and world class facilities students get to be exposed to.

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Ogunleye,Olamikunre Osinimu
Ph.D. in Material Science (2019)

Dear international students who plan to enroll in JAIST

Hi everyone, I am Hasan from Indonesia. I have been living in JAIST as a student for almost 6 years. I came to JAIST on February 2014 as a research student and then progressed to the master and subsequently to the doctoral program.

JAIST is a graduate institute (university) where only master and doctoral programs are available. It focuses more on advanced education and research. Thus, for those of you who want to learn advanced science, this is a right place for you. In addition to offering good facilities, JAIST also offers various support to help the students in their study and research. For example, in my case, I have traveled to several countries such as Poland, England, France, Singapore, and more, in order to present my research in some high level conferences. I was also supported financially for my three-months research visit to Monash University, in Victoria, Australia. If you really want to work hard on your research, JAIST will certainly support you. Furthermore, JAIST also provides career support to students so that they can find a job before finishing their study. JAIST offers many good programs such as preparation seminars for job hunting, financial aid, career counseling, job interview training, and many more. I can say that the support from the university is very good especially for those who are willing to work in Japan. Thanks to JAIST that I could land a good job in a famous company located in Kanazawa city.

Even though located in a very rural area in Ishikawa, JAIST has a very good international environment. More than 50% of the students are international students coming from various countries around the globe. Thus, not only you can live and learn in Japanese environment, you can also experience studying in a very international environment. If you are a foreigner, you do not have be worried about being "foreigner", because here is a multi-culture environment. And if you are a Japanese, it is a perfect place for you to feel a more global environment.

The fact that it is located in a rural area is also something that I appreciate. Not like in a big city, there is not much distraction in this area so that I can focus on my study and research. Moreover, there are many beautiful spots around here. I often go with my family to Shishiku park where we can see beautiful view of Nomi and Hakusan city area from the top of the nearby mountain. On winter I usually enjoy snowboarding in nearby ski resorts; the university provides ski equipment rental and other stuffs for free.

Another thing that I cannot miss about why I like this university is that I can play futsal freely every week in a newly built gymnasium. My main hobby is soccer, and I really love playing futsal. It was hard to find a community to play futsal with, but in JAIST you can find many students who like to play. They also support other extracurricular clubs such as basketball, badminton, music, flower arrangement, dance, astronomical, game development, international sports club, etc. It is also possible to register a new club if you want. Thus, besides study or research you can also enjoy other interesting activities.

I hope you decide to come to JAIST and enjoy your student life here. I wish you success in your future.

I have one last message which is specifically for prospective Muslim students. I am sure that you are worried about foods, praying, and others related to living as a Muslim. Please do not worry, I am a Muslim, and I feel JAIST has a good understanding about Muslim students. We have a big enough Muslim community (JAIST Muslim Circle) here that is ready to help you.


Hasan Mohammad Nur
Ph.D. in Information Science (2020)