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JAIST International Student News(2022)

We release the current statuses of international students in JAIST and the former international students of JAIST who are successfully working all over the world.

1.message from Alumni (Ms.MAWALIM, Candy Olivia)

Dear international students who plan to enroll in JAIST

Are you looking for a graduate school in Japan? Here at JAIST, you can enjoy research life with breathtaking scenery. From my personal experience, JAIST has given me abundant opportunities to explore self-potential and passion not only in research but also in various aspects of life.

Before going further, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Candy, a former international student from Indonesia. My very first journey in JAIST was started at the beginning of 2017 when I got to know this mighty mite university through the JAIST-ITB internship program. Though my research experience and Japanese communication skills were very limited at that time, I could enjoy the research ambience and life in Japan. This internship program essentially led me to pursue postgraduate education at JAIST.

Here are five main reasons why I think JAIST is one of the best options for international students to continue their studies:

1. Nurturing and encouraging research environment

JAIST has a supportive research environment consisting of passionate professors and staff who ensure students continuous growth and well-being. Being small in size enables us to form a close-knit community and collaboration. We can have interactions with professors, seniors, and juniors frequently. Besides, we also can have a home-like laboratory atmosphere. Each student has his/her own workspace while having a shared space for discussion, chatting, or perhaps just a simple teatime. In my personal experience, I was fortunate to be a part of Unoki laboratory member. In my opinion, Prof. Unoki is one of the respected researchers and teachers who influenced my perspective on research. Colleagues in the laboratory are also supportive and active in research activities. Generally, English is enough for taking classes and research activities. However, if you are interested in challenging your Japanese language skills or exploring Japanese culture, you can proactively interact with your Japanese colleagues.

2. Availability of financial support for tuition fees and living expenses

JAIST offers several types of financial support for international students. A full scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) Japan is a nice option that can support your full tuition fees, living expenses, and even a round-trip airline ticket. Besides, you can also apply for another scholarship provided by local governments or companies in Japan. Additionally, several supports are available from JAIST, such as JAIST scholarship and Employment-type Financial Aid. Thanks to the Mitani scholarship and employment-type financial aid, I could pursue my master program at JAIST. I also received the JAIST doctoral research fellowship (DRF) during my first semester of the doctoral course and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) DC1 fellowship for the rest of my doctoral study.

3. Excellent facilities and support for research activities

JAIST provides excellent facilities for students, including laboratories with adequate equipment, availability of research grants for participating in domestic and international conferences, collaboration/seminar rooms, a 24-hour in-campus library, etc. Students can also relax their minds by doing sports at the in-campus gymnasium or training room. An affordable dormitory inside the campus is also an exceptional service that can help us to fewer worries about financial issues while studying in Japan.

4. International exchange activities

JAIST and local communities in Ishikawa prefecture often hold activities that offer students the opportunities to explore a diverse range of interests. International students can participate in excursions to various places in Japan, experience some Japanese culture, etc. Some activities also allow us to interact with primary school or high school students at local schools for cultural exchange.

5. Relaxing and calming scenic location

Last but not least, we can enjoy the relaxing and calming scenic miniature of Japan to the fullest at JAIST. We can enjoy the four seasons with many activities: "hanami" (watching cherry blossoms) in spring, "Hanabi" (firework festival) and hiking to nearby mountains, such as Hakusan (one of the three sacred mountains along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama), in summer, relish fall colors at Kenrokuen in autumn, and skiing or snowboarding in winter.

Life at JAIST as a student has shaped me one step closer to being an ideal researcher. I believe that I had many memorable times at this university thanks to my dear professors, colleagues, and friends.

Indeed, there are plenty of choices for you to choose a path for your future career. Please consider your choice thoughtfully for your brighter future. I believe if you get to choose JAIST in the end, you will be able to pursue research while having a social life. Getting a master or Ph.D. degree might not be easy for everyone, but the nurturing and encouraging research environment can support you to be a passionate and courageous researcher. Furthermore, if you have concerns about life at JAIST, you can find friendly staff who are eager to assist you as much as possible!

I am looking forward to seeing you around.

HCI International Conference
Dinner with lab member
Tulip Fair in Spring
Kawakita fireworks
Strolling at Higashi-
Chaya wearing Kimono
Hakusan climbing

Graduation day

MAWALIM, Candy Olivia
Ph.D. in Information Science (2022)