About Cisco Webex Meeting

This is a web conference system that can be used from a PC or smart device.
It is also possible to connect from other video conferencing systems (Polycom, Sony PCS, etc.).

Any member of JAIST can create a meeting room.
You can also invite people who are not members of JAIST to the meeting.

For more information, please visit the Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research page.

How to use Webex meetings


  1. Sign in to Webex Meetings
    → Click here to sign in
  2. Create a meeting schedule
  3. Start of the meeting.

Click here to see the screen image.



  1.  The organizer will send you the conference room information (URL, etc.) by e-mail or other means,
     and you will participate in the conference using one of the following
    •  Join a conference room with a PC/smart device
      • Access the meeting room URL with a web browser, or
      • Enter the meeting room information using a desktop app
    •  Join the meeting room with a video conferencing system
    ※  If Host has not started the meeting, you will not be allowed to enter the meeting room.

Service Status

Service status of  Webex is here:



I get the error "Single Sign On failed. TrackingID: NA_xxxxx...."

To log in to Webex, follow the steps below.
On the Webex sign-in screen, enter your JAIST email address (
Then, on the JAIST-SSO screen, enter your user ID (sXXXXXXXXX) and password.

If you have changed your email address, it will take a few hours for Webex to process the change.
During this time, you may not be able to sign in with either your old or new email address.

If you haven't changed your email address and you still get the "Single Sign On failed." message, please check that the email address you have entered is correct.

I cannot access to Webex.

If there is no problem on your device side, it may be a system failure on the Webex side.
Please check the status of Webex service in the "Webex Meetings" section of the following page.

"Connect audio" button is grayed out when a scheduled meeting is held
"Connect audio" button is grayed out when a scheduled meeting is held

 There have been cases where the "Connect audio" button is grayed out when a scheduled meeting is held, preventing voice communication with participants.
If this happens, please follow the steps below to restore the "Connect audio" button.

 1. once all participants have left the meeting
 2. the host who scheduled the meeting should go to the page and check the following settings for the meeting

 Advanced Options - Audio connection options - Audio connection type

"Connect audio" button is grayed out when a scheduled meeting is held


 3. change "Audio connection type to "Use VoIP only" and save the settings.
 4. Hold the meeting again and make sure the "Connect audio" button is selected.