2. 統合認証 を先にお読みください。/ Please read 2. Single-Sign-On System before reading this page. )


JAIST members will be assigned a JAIST e-mail address (
You must check this e-mail address because it will be used for important notifications from JAIST.


To read JAIST mail, you can use Webmail or a mailer.
(Reference: Mail Basic Infomation )



You can view and send e-mails using a web browser.

* JAIST-SSO authentication is required.

Notice:OTP or SSL-VPN is required when Web-Mail is used outside JAIST.

 ( Reference: About Web-Mail )




Changing MailAddress(optional)

Students (email address is "s+student") can change the part before "".
Students who wish to change their e-mail address should read the following page.

*Your user name (s+student number) is not change when you change your e-mail address.


Changing E-Mail Address

Q. Do I need to use JAIST email address?
A. You must always be prepared to check your JAIST e-mail. Contact from JAIST will be sent to the JAIST email address ( Your JAIST email address will receive important communications such as announcements regarding course enrollment, disaster alerts, and information about account suspension or high-impact maintenance. Any content delivered to your JAIST e-mail will be deemed to have been communicated to you, and there will be no remedy for any disadvantage resulting from your failure to read the e-mail.

 For example, you can check your JAIST email in the following ways:
 ・Check your webmail regularly.
 ・Set up a JAIST email account in the email application of the device you normally use.
 ・Forward emails sent to your JAIST email address to your regular email address.

In addition, please use the JAIST e-mail address when contacting JAIST by e-mail.
If you have no choice but to inquire from a non-JAIST e-mail address, please include your student number in the e-mail.

Q. Should I change my email address?
A. It is up to you. It seems that about 30% of students have changed their e-mail addresses.

Q. Can I change it later?
A. Yes, you can. However, don't forget to tell your new email address to anyone you gave your old email address.