Procedure for using your own server

In case you want to use your own domain for technical reasons (such as the library version you are using for the design of your site is incompatible with the specifications of our university Web server), you may build a set up a web server by yourself.

On this page, we provide the information necessary to set up a web server.


Where to install the individual server

It is possible to set up a web server in the university but to execute the web service at places other than this center's servers, such as in the laboratories.

When setting up the web server, security-related checks must be performed by  the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center.

Server's address

If you have your own web server, the following URLs are available.

(Example) When setting up a domain named PROJECTNAME ......

Procedures necessary for using your own server

Procedures related to the setting up of your own web server in campus are as follows.


  1. Fill in and submit the Network connection application form
  2. Set up the web server
  3. Fill in and submit the Application to change firewall settings (For the purpose of opening a port to the university intranet from outside)
  4. Review of the application (it may take several days at least)
  5. Security check (Performing security check of the web server using an IS center dedicated machine.)

When using your own domain

If you want to use your own URL e.g in the example below, you need to acquire the domain yourself and register it in DNS.