GakuNin RDM is a research data management platform provided by the National Institute of Informatics (NII).

Individual researchers or research groups can manage research data and related materials (access control, version control, trail management) during a research project.

Target users

Faculty (full-time), regular student, researcher (JAIST employment)

How to login

The URL of Gakunin RDM is as follows.

URL: (External link)


Select "Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology" from "Search" at the top right of the user page, and click "Login" to move to the login screen of the integrated Single Sign-On System (JAIST-SSO) and login with your JAIST account.

Supplements and precautions

About primary storage:  The primary storage is NII storage provided by NII (up to 100GB per user, less than 5GB per file). It is currently available free of charge, but may be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis in the future. In addition, automatic data migration tools etc. are not provided by NII. You need to manually migrate the data yourself.

About trail management of extended storage: Depending on the type of extended storage, it may not be automatically linked with the trail management function of GakuNin RDM. Since J-Storage (NextCloud) is not automatically linked, you need to manually press the "Timestamp" button when uploading a file from the J-Storage side (The trail is automatically managed when uploading from the GakuNin RDM side). The trail is automatically managed). For details, please refer to the restrictions on the external storage that can be linked with the GakuNin RDM user support site.


About institutional storage: Currently, there is no plan to provide institutional storage.


How to use J-Storage Box as extended storage: Add the Box in [Add-ons] - [Configure Add-ons ] of each project.
(If you do not see Box in the list, click "Enable" Box in "Select Add-ons")
Click on "Import account from Profile" and specify the folder you want to use for storage.

[Important] About support and inquiry

RCACI cannot answer or support how to use GakuNin RDM. Also, please never directly contact the NII. Please check the Gakunin RDM manual etc. by yourself.
If there is a request (e.g., to add/refine a new/existing feature, to fix a defect) for the GakuNin RDM of the NII. So please summarize your requests in an easy-to-understand and concise manner, and report it to this center..

Manual / Document

  • Gakunin RDM Terms of Use (external link / Japanese)
  • Gakunin RDM Manual (external link / Japanese)
  • Gakunin RDM User Support Site (external link / Japanese) :  release note, maintenance information etc.
  • Let's use # yotube movie(external link / Japanise):A case where a researcher uses "GakuNinRDM" to manage research data, A case where a professor uses "GakuNin RDM" with students belonging to the laboratory

When you get new JAIST account

If you receive a new JAIST account for reasons such as entering a doctoral program, please follow the steps.

  • When you use the registered email address in the old account to the new account

    Please replace your email address as soon as possible before any limits of your old account.
    If you can not log in with your old account already, please contact RCACI.
    ※You can not take over and use "s + your student" of your old account.
  1. Login to GakuNin RDM with your old account.
  2. Input another email address except "" at [Settings] - [Account settings] and push [Add email].
  3. Check a confirmation email is sent to the added email address.
    After that, click a link in the confirmation email and confirm that it was registered as the Alternate Emails.
  4. Click "make primary" next to the alternate email address.
    Confirm that it was changed email address the Primary Email.
  5. Click the "X" next to the email address of  ”” domain.
    Confirm that the email address of "" is removed from the old account.
  6. Login to GakuNin RDM with your new account.
  7. Confirm Primary Email at [Settings] - [Account settings].
    If the Primary Email was different your registered email address, follow steps from 2 to 4 replace the Primary Email.

    Also, please ask the project administrator to change the member (delete the old account and add the new account) due to the new account can access the project area where was registered as a member for the old account.
  • When the email addresses of the old account and the new account are different

    Please ask the project administrator to change the member (delete the old account and add the new account) due to the new account can access the project area where was registered as a member for the old account.


GakuNin RDM

How to transfer data when I change the account to continue to the Doctoral Program etc.

Please see this page.