SSL-VPN Connection for Beginners

SSL-VPN is used when you want to access services that can only be accessed from the campus network, such as JAIST-LMS and Gakumu System (Academic Affairs System), from outside the campus.


For the SSL-VPN connection, you need to prepare the following:

  • JAIST account (username and password)
  • One-time password (or digital certificate)
  • PC
  • Network



Username and Password

Your username and initial password are listed on the postcard included in your JAIST account distribution. Please peel off the blindfold sticker and check it.
* Be sure to change the initial password. (For Newcomer 7. Change your password)

You can check that your username and password are correct by logging in to this page (contact form).
If the form is displayed, the username and password are correct.
If a 'login error' is displayed, they are incorrect.

One Time Password

Various online services via "Single-Sign-On System" are available. (e.g., Web-Mail, Online-Storage, SSL-VPN,Office365, and so on.)


Usage of "Single-Sign-On System"




One-Time Password

One Time Password (OTP) is a time-limited six-digit numeric password.
It is required for JAIST-SSO authentication from off-campus networks.

One-Time Password


For students entering in April 2023
You have a postcard that says "Secret Key for TOTP (Time-based one-time Password)"
and you can register your OTP from off-campus.
For setting with OTP key, please refer the following link.
How to set up One-Time Password (OTP) using postcard


OTP can only be obtained on campus.
(Unless you have a secret key postcard)
It will be convenient to utilise OTP key off campus, if you install the OTP application on a mobile device such as a smart phone.




The following PCs cannot be used for SSL-VPN connections.


Please use an internet connection that you or your family have a contract with.
*Cases have been reported where SSL-VPN cannot be used on public Wi-Fi or corporate LANs due to access restrictions or communication quality problems.



First-time Connection Flow

  • How to install and establish an SSL-VPN connection
  1. Access the following URL and log in.

  2. Click on "jaist-vpn{1,2}" (either one) in Network Access. (Fig.1)

  3. A small screen will appear on the browser.
    - When the "Wait for Network Access Application Status" appears, click on "Other Options" and click on "Install/Reinstall Network Access Application".
    - When the "Browser requires permission to start VPN" window appears, click "Start".
    When the " Network access client component is required"  appears, proceed to the next step.

  4. Press the "Download" button under "1. Download and run the installer" to download the installer and install the application. (Fig.2)

  5. Install the F5 VPN application with the downloaded installer.

  6. Click "Click here" in "2. After installation is complete, click here" (Fig.3).

  7. The Launch Program window will appear (Varies by browser).
    Make sure "F5 VPN" is selected and click the Open/Choice button.

  8. When the window shown in Fig.5 appears and the message "Connected" is displayed,
    the SSL-VPN connection has been established.