Flatbed large-sized scanner

A scanner for scanning large size documents is available in the user room.
For detail information about usage of the scanner, please refer the document besides the scanner PC(IS2bldg. 2F User Room)


ORPHIS EX9050 has a scanner function.

  1. Tap "スキャナ" on the operation panel (Fig. 1).
  2. Enter your JAIST user account name (e.g. s161xxxx for student, sentan for other than student).
  3. Enter your account's password.
  4. Tap "保存先/宛先" on the paner (Fig. 2).
  5. (In case of sending the scanned data by an e-mail, ) Tap "メール宛先" tab and then enter the e-mail address (Fig. 3).
  6. Then, set the scanning condition and do the scan.



Multi-function printer

The multi-functional printers located on each floor also have a scanning function.
Please select the "E-mail" button displayed on the printer panel.
For details, please refer to the following manual.

Multi-Function Printer Simple Operation Manual 5. <Scan (E-mail) instructions>