Changing your password

Precautions when changing password

Please be sure to change the password we gave you (initial password).

Passwords are an important way to protect your authority on all computers on campus. If the password is known to others, it means that the authority that you have on the computer is passed on to others.

The password must be at least 10 uppercase letters + lowercase letters + numbers + symbols.

After that, it is desirable to do as follows.

o Make it as long as you can remember

o Things that cannot be inferred from personal information such as names

o Do not use English words as they are

o Do not arrange in an easy-to-guess manner or make an easy combination

How to change your password

When using from an off-campus network (excluding VPN connection),
it is necessary to prepare anenvironment in which FIDO2, Client Certificate or One Time Password(TOTP) can be performed in advance.

If you forget your password, you should also register a "password reset email address" to request the password reset.

1. Access the password change screen.

 The OpenAM login screen will be displayed.

  1-1. Enter your user name and click [Login].

  1-2. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the login process.(The authentication flow is here.)

2. Change Password

  2-1. Enter your current password

 2-2. Enter a new password that fulfills the password policy twice,

  When [パスワード要件を満たしています] (means "Fulfills password requirements") is displayed,

  The grayed out [Change Password] button will be displayed.

  Click [Change Password].

  ※ If the password requirements are not fulfilled or the password entered

   twice is different, that fact will be displayed on the right side of the

   screen and the [Change Password] button will remain grayed out.

3. Access the self-maintenance screen and verify that the password change time has been updated.

* If you have apps or browsers that store passwords, modify the settings to use the new password.
(e.g., mailers (Thunderbird, Outlook, iOS mail, etc.), web browser password storage settings)

In particular, if you are using the Mail Direct Access Service ( ), which allows you to read e-mail from off-campus, note that the 20-character Password Prefix must be entered as the mailer password, concatenated before the new password.