The infrastructure center provides virtual desktop environment (abbreviation: VDI). This is virtualized and centrally managed by the infrastructure center. The OS environment is centrally managed by the infrastructure center (the thin-client terminal installed at each laboratory desk, the lent Surface, or personal computer or tablet). Software applications that are supposed to be useful for research are also installed. This service can be used freely at any time by current students and faculty members. File backup is also automatic. Feel free to use the recommended services.

Currently, Windows environments and Linux environment are provided as services. For details, please see the contents from the link below.



Can I install to software to the thin client (Cloud Desktop)?

You can not install any softwares to Cloud Desktop.

If you needs some software for your research, please ask us, RCACI.

I would like to change my password

The virtual desktop logon password is synchronized with the password used for mail or when using the UNIX system.
To change the password please click on this link