JAIST CSIRT (JAIST Computer Security Incident Response Team) is an organization that aims for a quick and smooth investigation and response in the event of an information security incident at JAIST.

Organizational structure

JAIST CSIRT is led by the university-wide information environment manager and consists of faculty members, technical staff selected from RCACI, and administrative staff.

Activities description

The activities of the CSIRT are as follows:

  1. When an information security incident occurs, the CSIRT collects information and accurately grasps the event, implements measures to prevent the spread of damage, restoration, and recurrence as necessary, and provides technical support and advice to the information environment manager.
  2. Liaise and coordinate with related organizations inside and outside the university regarding information security incident response.
  3. The status of information security incidents within the university is compiled on a regular basis and reported to the Information Security Working Group.

Contact for consultation and reporting about information security problems

Information Security Incident Hotlines:

E-mail: sec-incident(at)

TEL: 0761-51-1300( Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure/daytime and Weekdays)

※TEL: 0761-51-1000(Disaster Prevention Center/nighttime and holidays)