User Account

The user account uniquely identifies you on the JAIST network for various computing services. Your user account is created when you become a JAIST member (student or employee).

A user account is necessary when you use the following equipments and services.

  • Workstations (Solaris/Windows)
  • E-mail
  • Web-based e-mail, or “WebMail”
  • Registration to wireless LAN system, etc.

A user account is also called a login ID or just an account in some
campus systems.

Purpose of the password

The password is important to protect your authority on the JAIST computers. If other persons know your password, it means that you have given them your authority on the computers.

The password should be made from 8 characters or more (in many systems, starting from the ninth character is ignored, but 8 characters or more are required) and also the followings are recommended.

 Please set your password properly.

  • Insert 2 or more numeric characters and/or symbols into a pronounceable word.
  • Make it with 2 or more words, capitalize one or more characters and insert a number or symbol between or within the words.



I forgot my password.

Please come to RCACI desk (Room I-24) with your student ID.