Delete User Account

User Accounts of the students, faculty, staff, etc. who leave JAIST will be delteted after sending a prior email notice.
Generally, extensions are not allowed except for the persons who would contribute to JAIST as collaborative research.


Q. Once the user account is deleted, does the email account and address ( get deleted?
A. Yes, the mailbox and email forwarding configuration is deleted upon account deletion.

Q. Will the home directory be removed when with the account?
A. Yes.


Q. After the deletion of the account, does the home directory get deleted as well?
A. Yes.

Q. How will account deletion warning be announced?
A. It will be notified to your JAIST mail address (


Q. How will the deletion of the user account be notified?
A. Via email to your JAIST address (


Q. What will be written in the account deletion warning e-mail?
A. The deletion announcement e-mail contains the deletion date and the how to request an extension.


Q. What will the notification say?
A. The date of deletion and instructions of how to extend the duration of the account.


Q. How long is the period from the receipt of an account deletion warning mail to the actual deletion?
A. The Information Society Infrastructure Research Center usually sends the mail about 2 weeks before the deletion.


Q. When will the account be actually deleted after I receive the warning?
A. Approx. 2 weeks after the warning.

Q. If the account deletion warning mail was not checked. Does this affect the account deletion?
A. No, accounts that were not requested for extension by the deadline or for which the extension request was rejected will be deleted on time.

Q. What should be done before the deletion date after receiving the preliminary notice mail?
A.  If you do not wish to extend your account, there is nothing to be done. In case of requiring an extension, please apply for extension according to the guidance of the pre-notice mail.


Q. What is supposed to have been done by the deletion date after I receive the email?
A. If you want to extend the account duration, please follow the instruction in the notification. Otherwise no action is required.


Q. What is supposed to be done by the deletion date after receiving the email?
A. If account extension is required, please follow the instructions in the notification. Otherwise no action is required.


Q. How to apply for account extension? Do I need to inform the ISC?
A. This is explained in more details in the account extension request page shown in the pre-notice mail. It includes information such as, it is user name / name / supervisor / extension period / extension reason etc.


Q. Could the application for extension be rejected?
A. Yes, there are cases when the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center rejects or the supervisor does not approve the extension.

Q. When does the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center reject an extension request?
A. For example, inappropriate application (error in supervisor's account, etc.), inadequate reason for extension (for data migration etc.).
Q. Is it possible to re-apply if the extension request is rejected?
A. Yes, however, if it is rejected consecutively, you may not be allowed to re-apply.
Q. Why data migration is an inappropriate reason for extension?
A. Because a data transition period for at least one month was given before sending deletion warning e-mail.
Q. I will advance from the MSC to PhD, can I apply for the extension of the account in the first term?
A. No. It will be rejected.
Q. I started PhD after MSc, I'd like to keep my email address.
A. You can hand over the mail address to your new account. However, we can not hand over the student ID number-based e-mail address (
Q. After the extension application is approved, if the extension period will end soon, is it possible to apply for further extension?
A. Yes, please apply for an extension within one month of the extension deadline. For an extension to be accepted justifiable reasons are necessary as in the first time.
Q. Are there any notifications for the deadline of the extension?
A. No, it will not be notified.
Q. After the extension was accepted, the account became not needed earlier than planned, is there any procedure required?
A. No, however, please inform the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center.

Q. If I forget, can I apply for an extension of my account?
A. No, extension application is accepted only during the grace period from sending deletion preliminary announcement mail to the deletion date.