Anti Virus Software for the whole campus, ESET Endpoint Protection

The Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure provides Eset Endpoint Protection anti-virus software for all universities that all members can use.


Please carefully check the contents of the following before using

Eligible Users

This service is available to users who are enrolled in JAIST and who have the following status.


・Faculty (Full-time)
・Researchers (excluding Postdoctoral Researchers), Researchers for Collaboration between Business, Universities and Government)
・Regular Students (ones in the master's course, in the doctoral course, of School of Transdisciplinary enrolled in JAIST)
・Board Members, Office Staff, Technical Staff
・Office Assistants, Research Assistant Workers, Career Development Counselors, Counselors

# Students of School of Transdisciplinary Sciences enrolled in Kanazawa University, Non-regular students, Temporary workers, Contact staff, Project reserachers, Fellows, Visiting reserchers, Colloborative research fellows, Contact researchers, Dispatched researchers and JSPS researchers are not eligible.

Terminals which can use

Computer belonging to JAIST:

Shared computers which the university purchased or leased with contract.
Note that computers just for a single user (non-shared) are not eligible.

Personal Computer of JAIST Faculty [Work at Home license]:

Personal computers belonging to JAIST faculty.