Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

JAIST Concludes a Campus Agreement for volume licensing, Enrollment for Education (EES), with Microsoft.

The licensing program allows JAIST faculty, staff, and students to install EES licensed products on PCs belonging to JAIST as well as their own PCs.

During the cotract period, eligible users can use the latest versions of the products in addition to the older ones.
Regarding OS (Windows10, etc.), users can only upgrade or re-install it (can't do without OS license).  

Eligible Users

The following users enrolled in JAIST can install Microsoft software in accordance with EES license program.

・Faculty (Full-time)
・Researchers (excluding Postdoctoral Researchers), Researchers for Collaboration between Business, Universities and Government)
・Regular Students (ones in the master's course, in the doctoral course, of School of Transdisciplinary enrolled in JAIST)*1
・Board Members, Office Staff, Technical Staff
・Office Assistants, Research Assistant Workers, Career Development Counselors, Counselors

*1: Regular students can use only Office 365.

# Students of School of Transdisciplinary Sciences enrolled in Kanazawa University, Non-regular students, Temporary workers, Contact staff, Project reserachers, Fellows, Visiting reserchers, Colloborative research fellows, Contact researchers, Dispatched researchers and JSPS researchers are not eligible.