Check/Modify Attributes (Self-Maintenance)

How to use

When using from an off-campus network (excluding VPN connection),
it is necessary to prepare an environment in which FIDO2 or One Time Password(TOTP) can be performed in advance.

1. Access the self-maintenance screen.

2. The OpenAM login screen will be displayed.

  2-1. Enter your user name and click [Login].
      2-2. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the login process.(The authentication flow is here.)

3. Change attributes.

Change Password

Click the [Change Password] at the top right of the screen

to move to the password change screen.

Registration of password reset email address

1. Enter the email address to be registered in the [Password reset email address] field.

2. Click "Update" at the bottom of the screen.

* Register an email address EXCEPT "".
   If you register the email of your JAIST account, you will not be able to receive a password reset email from the system.

Change login shell

1. Enter the name of the script to be executed at login in the [Login Shell] field.

2. Click "Update" at the bottom of the screen.

List of other account information

A list of items that can be confirmed on the attribute change (self-maintenance) screen and their explanations.

Only items marked with * can be changed.




User Name

JAIST account name



Email Address

e-mail address

Password Reset Email Address

Email address to send password reset notification email

UNIX Home Directory

User's home directory when logging in to a Unix machine

Unix Login Shell

Shell executed when logging in to a Unix machine

Available Service

List of available services

mail: mail

ml: Mailing list

o365: Office365 Proplus

onlinestorage(Stop Time:Apr. 28 (Fri.) at 17:00, 2023): online storage(nextcloud)

box: online storage(box)

webex: Remote meeting

upki-c: Digital Certificate

vpn: Remote Access(SSL-VPN)

fep: Remote Access(SSH)

mpc: Computing Servers

lib: Electronic Journals(Library)

ID Card Number

ID card number

Employee Type

Employee Type at JAIST

Windows Profile Path

Profile path for Windows

Secret Key for TOTP

If the value is entered, the device with the one-time password is registered.

Password Changed Time

Last updated password (YYYYMMDDhhmmss UTC)