Example of setting for Mail Software (Thunderbird)

1.Start "Thunderbird".

    If a setting of email account(or firtst start) is not exists, run the email account setup wizard. Click "Mail Account Setup(メールアカウントを設定する)".

    If you want to add a new account setting, start the wizard of Mail Account Setting.(See the following picture.)

    (or "Tool(ツール)"→"Account Settings(アカウント設定)"→"Account Actions (アカウント操作)"(Bottom left of "Account Settings(アカウント設定)")→"Add Mail Account(メールアカウントを追加)"

2.Enter "your name(あなたの名前)" and "Email address(メールアドレス)" ,  check off "Remember passowrd(パスワードを記憶する)" and then click the Continue(続ける) button.

    Wait until the message "Configuration found in Mozilla ISP database(アカウント設定が、一般的なサーバ名で検索したことにより見つかりました。)" appears. (If couldn't find configuration, go to next step "Manual Setup(手動設定)".)

3.Click the Manual Setup(手動設定) button.

If you registered another email address(your email address is not ""),  change the following parameters.

  1. Enter your user ID in "User Name(ユーザ名)"
  2. Change the parameter SSL of Incoming from STARTTLS to SSL/TLS (Confirm changing the port number(ポート番号) from 143 to 993)

Then click "Re-test(再テスト)" button.

If you failed on step 2, set the following parameters.

  1. In "Incoming" row, Protocol: IMAP, Server Name:, Port Number: 993, SSL: SSL/TLS
  2. In "Outgoing" row, Server Name: , Port Number: 587, SSL: STARTTLS
  3. If you registered another email address(your email address is not ""), enter your user ID in "User Name(ユーザ名)".

Then, click "Re-test(再テスト)" button.

4.The message "The following settings were found bu probing the given server.(次のアカウント設定が、指定されたサーバ名を調べることにより見つかりました。)" appears and the "Done(完了)" button is clickable, and then click the "Done(完了)".