Equipment in your laboratory



EIZO FlexScan EV2795 / 日本語キーボード / マウス

貸与端末との接続方法:USB Type-C
*USB Type-C がない貸与端末のユーザーは情報社会基盤研究センターまでお越しください。

・EIZO FlexScan EV2760 / Microsoft Surface Dock2 / 日本語キーボード / マウス
・EIZO FlexScan EV2750 / Microsoft Surface Dock / 日本語キーボード / マウス

貸与端末との接続方法:Surface Connect

Installation requirements and Precautions

Installation requirements

  • Can be installed in any student seat on campus assigned to a regular student.
  • Only one set can be installed per seat.
  • If more than one seat is assigned to one student, only one of them can be installed.


  • Installation, movement, and removal of the equipment will be done by the staff of RCACI. 
    It is strictly prohibited to move the equipment by yourself.
  •  We do not accept requests for installation, movement, or removal of equipment from anyone other than the instructor in charge.

How to request: Setup, Move, Remove

Information Science bldg.

Download the floor map and mark the installation place.
We accept only requests from faculty members.

Materials Science bldg.

Please inform us the "Room Number", "Number of equipment","contact mail-address".
We accept only requests from faculty members.

Knowledge Science bldg.

Please ask the floor administrator.