IT Help Desk


When you use computer systems in JAIST for your study or research, you may have some questions or problems. A part of them may be mentioned in the FAQ page prepared by Research Center for Advnaced Computing Infrastructure(RCACI). Another part especially in trouble with network, university-wide services, or various servers may be solved by reporting it to RCACI. How do you solve yet another part as the followings?

  • You don't know or can't find tools you need to process various data.
  • You know them, but you can't manage them.
  • You've heard there are various massive parallel computers in JAIST, but you don't know how to use them.
  • You can't manage to implement a system or an application for your research or daily work by some programming languages.
  • You want to use JAIST's information environment (On-campus Wi-Fi, printing, etc.), but don't know how to set it up.

If there were someone knowledgeable about information environment in JAIST around you, you could consult him or her. But if you can't find such person, how can you solve your problem? Yes, IT Help Desk can help you!


I thought, "I do not knowhow to connect wireless Lan on my smartphone"!
Please send the OS information of the smartphone and ID (student number) of JAIST to it-helpdesk[at]
Then you will receive a reply saying that it is described in detail at If you do not understand how to follow the procedure described in the site above , please come to the 2nd floor of information science 2nd building (I-24 room). Then the help desk staff will carefully tell you how to connect the wireless Lan.

Please feel free to ask us

Help desk staff consist of students knowledgeable about the JAIST information environment better than average users. Please send your question to it-helpdesk[at] We will give some advice on your problem by email.

It may take a long time to find solution according to the difficulty of your question. If you don't receive any reply for more than one week, please resend your mail because it may not arrive at us.

We accept the consultation at RCACI reception desk.

For the location and hours of operation of the reception desk, please refer to "User Reception Desk".

* If the calendar is not available, Please click the below URL.
* The alphabet after the name indicates the first letter of the supported languages (E:English, J:Japanese, etc.).