Notice: The license is contracted for academic / educational use of JAIST.
Please use with good sense or intelligent manner.

* Licensed User (Contract renewal in Mar. 2022):

  • Regular faculty, regular student, regular staff, and researcher who is enrolled in JAIST

How to use

Online Tex Editor,Overleaf is available.



In March 2022, JAIST-SSO authentication is supported.
Please refer to the following for the first time to link your account.
*If you do not log in for a long period of time using SSO, you will be removed from the JAIST academic license.
*When JAIST-SSO is not available, you can use your Overleaf account.

Linking accounts

  1. Access the Overleaf.

  2. Click "Log in through your institution". (Fig.1)

  3. Sign in at JAIST-SSO

  4. Link your account
    For first time users
    Click "Create new account", and Create your Overfeaf account. (Fig.2)
    For those who have an account
    i. Click "Log in with " (Fig.3)
    ii. Log in with your existing account (Fig.4)
     * Please login with the ID and password you used on Overleaf.




  • Overleaf ID based on the mail address of JAIST ( xxxx had been automatically migrated as JAIST license.
  • Please refer the portal-site for usage & details.

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