Notice: The license is contracted for academic / educational use of JAIST.
Please use with good sense or intelligent manner.

* Licensed User (Contract renewal in Mar. 2022):

  • Regular faculty, regular student, regular staff, and researcher who is enrolled in JAIST

How to use

Online Tex Editor,Overleaf is available.



In March 2022, JAIST-SSO authentication is supported.
Please refer to the following for the first time to link your account.
*If you do not log in for a long period of time using SSO, you will be removed from the JAIST academic license.
*When JAIST-SSO is not available, you can use your Overleaf account.

Linking accounts

  1. Access the Overleaf.

  2. Click "Log in through your institution". (Fig.1)

  3. Sign in at JAIST-SSO

  4. Link your account
    For first time users
    Click "Create new account", and Create your Overfeaf account. (Fig.2)
    For those who have an account
    i. Click "Log in with " (Fig.3)
    ii. Log in with your existing account (Fig.4)
     * Please login with the ID and password you used on Overleaf.




  • Overleaf ID based on the mail address of JAIST ( xxxx had been automatically migrated as JAIST license.
  • Please refer the portal-site for usage & details.

When you get new JAIST account

If you receive a new JAIST account for reasons such as entering a doctoral program and want to transfer your data, please follow the steps below to update your JAIST email address linked to Overleaf.

  1. Log in to Overleaf with your old account
    * If your old JAIST account is active, you can access with JAIST-SSO authentication.
  2. Click [Account] -> [Account Settings].
  3. Click [Add another email] , and enter a non-JAIST email address and add by [Add new email].
  4. Click the [Confirm Email] link in the Confirm Email that you receive to your added non-JAIST email address.
  5. Back in Overleaf's Account Settings screen, and click the [Make Primary] button to the right of the email address you have added.
  6. Click the trash can icon to the right of the old JAIST email address and delete it.
  7. Enter your new JAIST email address from [Add another email] and click [Link Account and Add Email].
  8. On the JAIST-SSO screen, authenticate with a new account.
  9. Back in Overleaf's Account Settings screen, Click the [Make Primary] button on the right side.

* If you changed your JAIST e-mail address
Even if you have changed your email address from the student ID number-based email address and want to use the same email address as your old account in your new account, please perform the above operation to transfer your data. (Even if the "old JAIST email address" and the "new JAIST email address" are the same, you can update your JAIST account linked to Overleaf by deleting and re-registering once.)

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