8. Others

In addition to these, a variety of other services are also available.

Service List



Attending online lectures

Please see the following page for online/high-flex lectures.

Hyflex and Online Lectures (Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research)



Using wired LAN

You need to apply to use the wired LAN.
Please see the following page for details.
*You need a JAIST account to apply. Please see after the account is distributed.

Wired LAN




You can copy and print by printing devices installed throughout the university using ID card or user account.
Please refer to the following pages to install the driver and set up the printer for use.

Printing Service



Install Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)

A variety of software, including Microsoft office, is available for use.(Software)

If you want to use Microsoft's office on your personal device, please see the following page.
You can install and use Office applications.

Microsoft Office



Install anti-malware software

One of the following anti-malware software must be used on devices that connect to the JAIST information environment.

  • Anti-malware software provided by JAIST
  • Anti-malware software that has been certified by a designated third-party organization within one yearr
    (Details:About using anti-malware software

If the relevant anti-malware software is not installed on your device, please refer to the following page to use the software provided by JAIST.

Anti Virus Software for the whole campus

Use Computing Servers

High Performance Computing Servers are available for your research.These servers are free to use for JAIST Members.

Computing Servers



You have any questions

Please check the support page below.




If you have any concerns about setting up or using the service, the help desk staff will provide support.
Please come to the user reception desk with your device.