About Academic Access Management Federation "GakuNin"

The Academic Information Federation (GakuNin) is built and operated mainly by the National Institute of Informatics (NII). It is a mechanism that allows you to use the Web services (= service providers (SP)) provided by each university and publisher.

For more information, please refer to the GakuNin website(

Available Service providers / scheduled to start using (IT system)

Service ProvidersOverviewProviderPersonnel
Research Data Management Platform (GakuNin RDM)Storage, management and sharing of research dataNIIRCACI
eduroamJP Federated ID Service(comming soon)Wi-Fi account issuance serviceNIIRCACI

Available service providers (E-Journals, Databases)

The following electronic journals and databases can be used by members of the university from outside the university without using SSL-VPN and by authentication with academic recognition.
* Currently available only to regular students and full-time faculty members.


Please access from Electronic Library.

Service Providers



Maruzen eBook Library

EBSCO eBook Collection

Wiley Online Library



Taylor & Francis Online

IEL Online(IEEE Xplore)

ACS Web Editions


If you have any questions about the above service providers, please contact the JAIST LIBRARY.