All incoming mails to JAIST and outgoing mails from JAIST are automatically filtered for SPAM.

SPAM Judgement and Quarantine Services

SPAM judgement

  1. SPAM       : Obvious SPAM mail.
  2. Suspected SPAM : Possible SPAM mail.


By default, the above SAPM mails are delivered to Junk folder of your mailbox.

Also, outgoing SPAM mails are quarantined to the mail server. The system notifies the sender.


To edit SPAM judgement policy, see the link below.

SPAM mail

How to Check Quarantined Mails

Using the Web-mail, you can check the quarantined mails.

※ If you are using IMAP service, you can see at "Junk" folder.

SPAM and Suspected SPAM mails delivered to "Junk" folder.

The mails in these folders are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Please check the mails of these folders regularly.

False SPAM Detection

There are two types of false detection of SPAM:

1. When a SPAM mail is not judged as SPAM (False Negative)

2. When a regular mail is determined to be SPAM (False Positive)


If there is a misjudgment and it is safe to publish the mail body to a third party, please send a message of the false detection to the following addresses. We ask for your cooperation in improving the accuracy of the anti-spam engine.

Reporting spam mail (False Negative) that was not detected


Reporting erroneously detected normal mail (False Positive)


Please send the erroneously detected mail to the above e-mail address as an attachment in RFC 822 format (.eml storage format such as Outlook Express or UNIX mbox format).

Subject and body are unnecessary. Since there is no limit on the number of attached files per copy, even if there are multiple samples, please attach them together in one mail and send.
For details, please see this page.


Please not that the mechanism of SPAM detection is not disclosed on the basis of the system setup.

How to Stop Outgoing Mail From Being Misjudged as SPAM

The SPAM judgement policy is hidden because of security reasons.

If your mail is frequently judged as SPAM, we are recommend that you add a digital signature to the outgoing mail. You can use the digital signature by importing your digital certificate into the Web browser or Mail software in your computer.

For details, please see the following page.

1. S/MIME Function(ThunderBird)
2. Secure Email(WebMail)

Block Messages (Spam Options of Web-Mail)

You can reject emails from particular addresses and domains by using the Spam mail options of Web-Mail.

For details, please see this page.