Mailing List System


The Mailing List System can be used only for the purposes of education, research, and communication work.

The address of this Mailing List (ML) system is "xxxxx(at)".
(Automatic forwarding ML addresses (excluding requested extension) created in the previous system by 2020/2/17 has been terminated.)
Please note that the domain of the personal mail address remains the same as "".

Inventory of Mailing List Addresses (Implemented in Dec. 2022)

Mailing list addresses that match the following requirements will be closed (deleted after a certain period of time).

  • The administrator's email address does not exist (including alumni email addresses)
  • No email has ever been delivered to that ML address in the current ML system (since Feb. 17, 2020).

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Usage Information

There are 3 following roles per ML address, registering a mail address respectively.
Administrator (Owner)

The primary key in this system is a mail address.

After February 2020 when the new ML system was replaced, the registered mail addresses are as follows:
 Administrator (Owner): Personnel Mail address currently used
 Member(Subscriber): Initial mail address ("username"

Thus, if a student registers a different mail address from the initial, ML involved in as Member (Subscriber) cannot be displayed when logging in the system, though, there is no problem distributing emails.

 * Moderator: A user who has privileges to confirm the contents of an email before sending it to a Member (Subscriber). An Administrator (Owner) has Moderator privileges as default setting.

Failing to send a mail to ML

・Maximum data size to send to a ML address is 15 MB (the sum of an attached file and mail text message).

If you want to send/receive a large file of more than 15MB, please use JAIST Online Storage System.

・Please note that any mail without From Header (sender's mail address information) or Message-ID (mail identification information) sent to a ML cannot be delivered, judged as unauthorized (an error notification will not be returned, either.).

In order to prevent a loop, the same mail with the same Message ID having been already sent to the same ML can not be delivered.

In case of registering a different mail address from the initial (


<Register as a Member (Subscriber)>

Either an initial mail address ( a mail address actually used can be registered.
Please pay attention to the following points.

Mail Address to registerAdvantagesDisadvantages
Initial Mail Address   (username・No distribution error occurs even if a user changes their mail address after registering as a Member (Subscriber).

・A user is not listed as a Member (Subscriber) on a ML when logging in.

・A part of restriction functions to send emails to a ML do not work correctly.
  1.Restricted to Subscribers, messages from others are discarded.
  2.Restricted to Subscribers.
  3.Private, moderated for non-Subscribers*.

Mail Address actually used

・A user is listed as a Member (Subscriber) on ML when logging in.

・Restriction functions of sending mails to ML work correctly.

・A registered mail address needs to be modified if a user changes it after registering as a Member (Subscriber). (Without notification from a user, a delivering error occurs.)

*Moderation: Function to confirm the contents of an email before sending it to a Member (Subscriber).

<Register as an Administrator (Owner) or a Moderator>

The mail address actually used needs to be registered.

Even if you register an initial mail address( a ML address, you cannot deal with a ML as an Administrator (Owner) or a Moderator.

Login /Logout


Access the URL below. (

 *JAIST members (faculty, staff, and students) can log in only via JAIST Network (including VPN access).
 * Not available for alumni users

 Authentication page of Single Sign-On system pops up. Please enter your "User Name" and "Password", and click "Login (ログイン)" button.
※Please note that you will fail authentication if you enter your mail address (xxxxx(at)

In case of using Web-Mail or Online Storage etc. via the same web browser, Home screen of the system is displayed directly without showing the authentication page.

Please check if the mail address displayed in the upper right part of Home screen is the one of a user who logs in.


If a user who does not have the privileges to log in this system, the screen below pops up.


<Logout >

Click the mail address displayed in the upper right part of Home screen and press "Logout" button.

When Logout screen is displayed, exit the browser (or close the tab) to complete Logout.


Mailing List

Who are the members of the various mailing lists?

For the main mailing lists of the faculty and staff, please contact the General Affairs Division General Affairs Section. There is a list here (PDF file).
For students' main mailing lists, please contact the Student Affairs Division. Here is a list.

Can I confirm if the email was sent to Members (Subscribers)?

If you are the Administrator (Owner) of the Mailing List, you can.
Log in the system and choose the list to confirm from "My lists" or "Search for List(s)" in Menu at the upper part of the screen. Click "Error rate: xx%" in Menu at the left side of List Home screen to find the mail addresses of Members (Subscribers) who fail to receive the email if any.

Unable to send or receive attachments to mailing list addresses

Maximum data size to send to a ML address is 15 MB (the sum of an attached file and mail text message). If you want to send/receive a large file of more than 15MB, please use JAIST Online Storage System.

Please also read "Failing to send a mail to ML".