Outilne of Information environment on JAIST

To support a world-class research and education environment, the center provides a high-level, 24/7 information environment where researchers and students are provided with one information terminal each. Because all data generated is stored on file servers, users can always access the same operational environment from any information terminal. This also prevents loss of data in case of a hardware faulure in the information terminal.

When large scale or high-speed computations are necessary, this system allows free access from information terminals to any of the massively parallel computers in the center. These massively parallel computers are connected to a hierarchically configured high-speed network. These information environments are set up for easy 24-hour access, allowing users to pursue resarch and educational activities at any time.

Parallel computer systems

With the goal of realizing the large scale, high performance computations required for advanced research and education, massively parallel computer systems are now in use. The center provides systems with various parallel system architectures, such as shared memory systems with vector processor architecture, distributed shared memory architecture, distributed memory architecture and cluster architecture.

High-Speed File server system

Large scale, high-speed file server systems with several hundred terabyte capacity provide the data storage facilities for research, education, administration, and other  activities. The data storabe support at JAIST is managed in an integrated fashion, and maintained for high availabilitiy and high-performance service.

I-Env Overview