Syatem Overview

Supported client environment

It corresponds to the following Web browser environment.

-Use Microsoft Edge, Firefox (latest), Google Chrome (latest) running on Windows 10.

-Use Firefox (latest) and Google Chrome (latest) running on Apple OS X (10.11.X).

* Apple OS + Safari, which does not accept cookies by default, is not supported.

-OS standard Safari running on iOS / iPad OS (latest)

-OS standard Chrome running on Android (latest)

-Environment other than browser (dedicated client application etc.) is not supported.


※ When using multi-factor authentication, it corresponds to the client environment described in "How to use / register / delete authentication factors".

Supported Systems

The following services are supported.

System nameOverviewContactNotes
J-storage-BoxOnline storageResearch Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
Web-mailE-mail (Web mail)Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
SympaMailing list systemResearch Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
SSL-VPNRemote access servicesResearch Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
Microsoft 365Office softwareResearch Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
Online Latex editor serviceResearch Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
WebexWeb meeting serviceCenter for Innovative Distance Education and Research
JIAST-ID Management SystemPassword change/resetResearch Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
JAIST-SSO2-step authentication (OTP),
FIDO2 registration/deletion
Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
JAIST-LMSLearning Management SystemCenter for Innovative Distance Education and Research
JAIST OPACLibrary User ServiceLibrary

SP for Academic Access Management Federation "GakuNin" is as follows.

Available Service providers / scheduled to start using (IT system)

Service ProvidersOverviewProviderPersonnel
Research Data Management Platform (GakuNin RDM)Storage, management and sharing of research dataNIIRCACI
eduroamJP Federated ID Service(comming soon)Wi-Fi account issuance serviceNIIRCACI

Available service providers (E-Journals, Databases)

The following electronic journals and databases can be used by members of the university from outside the university without using SSL-VPN and by authentication with academic recognition.
* Currently available only to regular students and full-time faculty members.


Please access from Electronic Library.

Service Providers



Maruzen eBook Library

EBSCO eBook Collection

Wiley Online Library



Taylor & Francis Online

IEL Online(IEEE Xplore)

ACS Web Editions


If you have any questions about the above service providers, please contact the JAIST LIBRARY.

Corresponding authentication factor

• The need for multi-factor authentication

 In recent years, password leaks have occurred frequently in various places, and there are many cases of information leaks.

 In JAIST, user's e-mail and various services can be used by user name and password authentication (one-step authentication), and information leakage may occur due to password leakage.

 Therefore, in order to prevent information leakage due to password leakage, we will perform multi-factor authentication for available services.

• What is multi-factor authentication

 It refers to the function that adds another step check function to authentication with user name and password.

 As another check function, there are multiple authentication factors shown below.

• Reference page

 不正ログイン対策特集ページ(IPA 情報処理推進機構)

 不正ログイン対策特集ページ「多要素認証の設定」について(IPA 情報処理推進機構)

It corresponds to the following authentication factors.

・ID / password authentication

OTP(TOTP) authentication ※ Pre-setting required

  A time-based one-time password (TOTP) authentication method. (6 digit number, new one is generated every 30 seconds)

FIDO2 authentication (WebAuthn+CTAP) ※ Pre-setting required

  FIDO2 is a passwordless authentication standard established by the FIDO Alliance.

  An authentication method that registers the authentication protocol between the "authentication device", "web browser", and "RP server" as a FIDO2 device and does not use a password to authenticate the web application.

 ・Windows Desktop SSO認証  ※ Pre-setting Not required、Only available from JAIST Cloud Desktop

  An authentication method in which a user who logs on to a domain on a Windows terminal joined to an Active Directory domain authenticates an application on a Web browser.

PKI client certificate authentication ※ Pre-setting required

  An authentication method that authenticates with a PKI client certificate installed in the Web browser of the user's terminal.