The infrastructure center provides a virtual shared server of RedHat EnterPrise Linux. This virtual server is centrally managed by the infrastructure center and automatic backup is also maintained.

Please check below for usage.

Please contact us by e-mail at for your installation inquiry for lectures.

How to login

You can login to the server via ssh.

 hostname: lin07, lin08

ssh <username>@lin07[08]

If you are windows user, it is required to install SSH client tool.(ex, putty, tera term, mobaXterm)

System Reboot

For security update, we will restart these devices at the following schedule.


We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.


lin07  6:00pm, 1st of every month
6:00pm, 15th of every month

Software modules

 If you can't find the tool you want to use, please try module command as follows.

    Check available modules:
    % module avail

    Load preffered module:
    % module load <module-name>
      #example: module load ruby
      #example: module load python/3.9.5

    Confirm the loaded modules:
    % module list

    Unload the loaded module:
    % module unload <module-name>

  When you can't find the tools you want to use in module  list, please ask RCACI via e-mail.

Accessing the home directory from another terminal

The home directory of the virtual desktop environment can be accessible from other terminals via the network.

For details please check here.