MPC Group

MPC Group

As a general rule, anyone can freely use the parallel computing machines or server group provided by the JAIST Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure , but in order to ensure smooth operation when using it, we are asking you to subscribe to the user group (

Through the mpc group mailing list, we make announcements from the Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure such as breakdown of parallel machines, maintenance guide etc, installation of software, update information and for exchanging information between users .

Joining the MPC Group

To join the MPC group, please send an email with the following information to the MPC managnemt group. 

Registration is done manually by management group members. Please wait till we contact you to complete the registration.

Subject: Request for registration to MPC group

・Computer background (Purpose of using, etc.)

MPC management group

The MPC management group (mpc - admin) is operated mainly by delegates selected from the Graduate School of Knowledge Science, Graduate School of Information Science, Graduate School of Materials Science and the Advanced Integrated Research Institute.  The group discusses and summarizes the mpc rules and operation etc.