Email Address

User Account and Email Address

Basically, Email address is created based your account.

<Ex. 1>
User Account: kosaka
Email address:

In case of students, a user account is created based a student ID number.

<Ex. 2>
Student ID number: 700001
User Account: s0700001
Initial email address:

Email Address Registration (Only Students)

Initial email address is "".

The user whose user account is created based a student ID number can register the email address.
*If your username not based the student ID number, you can't register email address.

Notice: Can't change a user account.


After registration email address,

  • Remain the initial email address.
  • From outside of "JAIST", the email that sent to the initial address can't receive.
  • The initial email address is used for businesslike communication.

Therefore, please inform the person involved that your new email address.


Mail address change request

*Read "Notice" before registration.
*If you got a new user account by go on to the doctor course, you can move email address from the old one to the new one.
  Log in with the old one, and go "Move my mail address to my new account".