How to Access the Web-Mail System and Supported Web Browser

You can read and send emails using a Web browser (Ex. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome).




2-step authentication(password & one time password) is required when using WEB mail directly from outside of JAIST
Please refer to here about 2-step authentication.


Supported Web browser and OS(2017/03)


Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

Linux(Red Hat,
Ubuntu, Debian,
Fedora, or SUSE)

Mac OS 10.x

Internet Explorer

○(later 9.0)

○(later 10.0)

  Microsoft Edge   ー   ー    △   ー   ー

Mozilla Firefox






Apple Safari




Google Chrome





○: Supported. Please use the  stable version.
 ※ Can't use S/MIME function.
△: We have not confirmed that it is supported, but basic operation check has been done.
ー: Not supported.

About S/MIME function

• Google Chrome later 42, Firefox later 52 and Microsoft Edge can't use S/MIME function.

   When you login the error dialog appears on the screen.


 ※How to disappear the error dialog
   (turn off the S/MIME fuction)
  Click 「Preferences」tab →「Zimlet」,then uncheck the checkbox of 「Secure Email」.

• If S/MIME function does not work, do workaround below please.

   (you can read emails at least, even though you can not use all the function of S/MIME function.)

   Problems ocurrs
    1.Can't open the message including digital certificate.
    2.Can't detect your digital certificate in your Web browser.
    3.Can't open a part of your folder.
    4.Can't send the signed or signed and encrypted message with your digital certificate.

   1. and 3. will be resolved after doing workaround below.


    Add site of exception list.

     1. Open 「Control Panel」 → 「Java」, and then click 「Security」.

     2. Click 「Edit site list」.

     3. Click 「Add」 and Enter 「」, then click 「OK」.

     4. Restart browser or reload the web page. 

Login with Simple HTML style (Internet Explorer)

After you logged in, the display is like right picture, shows 「You are using the Zimbra Standard Version」 in up center of the browser, do either 1. or 2. to fix.

1.Click 「Tools」 of browser and click 「Compatibility View settings」 in shown list.

  Select 「」 in 「Websites you've added to Compatibility View:」 section, and then click 「Remove」.

2.Select either 「Default」 or 「Advanced(Ajax)」 in Version section when you login.



Access to the URL below by Web Browser.

Enter user name and password.

and then click 「Sign In」 to login.
* If you input mail address(e.g. at UserName, you will be failed to log in.


Click 「▽」 , up right side of the browser, and click 「Sign Out」 in shown list.

Receive Email

Click the icon of refresh, up right side of the browser.

Read Email

Click 「Inbox」 to see the list of emails you received.

Click an email subject in the list. it shows a message.

When you want to see the message in full range of browser, double click the email subject.

It opens in new tab.

Create and Send Email

1.Click 「New Message」

2.Enter address, subject, message etc...

3.Click 「Send」 to send the email.

The email you have sent will be saved in 「Sent」 folder.

※The size of email you can send is 5MB including attached files. 

Search Email

1.Enter the search word in Search box, up right side of the browser.

2.Use 「Basic Filters」, 「Advanced Filters」, if you want to search with more details.

Delete Email

1.Click email you want to delete, and then click 「Delete」.

2.If you want to restore email from Trash, click email in Trash.
  Click the icon of 「Move selected item(s)」 then select the folder in which you want to restore.
  Or, you can also move email by drag and drop email. 

3.You can restore email deleted from the Trash within 30 days.

 3-1.Right click 「Trash」, then click 「Recover Deleted Items」 in shown list.

 3-2.Select email you want to restore, then click 「Recover To」.

 3-3.Select a folder to restore, and then click 「OK」.

SPAM mail

When email is filtered by the SPAM filters, it automatically moved to 「Junk」 folder.


SPAM filters

1.SPAM        Obvious SPAM mail
2.Suspected SPAM  Possible SPAM mail

※Both SPAM filters move emails to 「Junk」 folder at the default settings.


Emails in 「Junk」 folder will be completely deleted after 30 days.
You had better to check out regulary in case of missing email you received.


If you want to move emails in 「Junk」 folder to another folder,
click emails and use the icon of 「Move selected item(s)」, or
drag and drop emails to another folder.

Edit SPAM Policy

1.Select 「Preferences」 tab and click 「Filters」.

2.Edit SPAM Policy.

   inactivate - Select SPAM Policy in 「Active Filters」 and click 「Remove」.

   activate - Select SPAM Policy in 「Available Filters」 and click 「Add」.

3.Click 「Save」.

Reject Email

You can reject email from particular addresses and domains.


Select 「Preferences」 and click 「Mail」.

You will find 「Spam Mail Options」 when you scroll down the display.

Enter the email address (domain) in 「Block messages from:」 and then click 「Add」.

After all, click 「Save」 in up left side of the browser.

Forward Email

You can forward emails when you receive emails.

Click 「Preferences」tab and click 「Mail」.

Scroll down display and find 「Receiving Messages」.

Enter email address, you want to forward to, in Message Arrival. 

※When you check the box of 「Remove local copy of message:」, a copy of email does NOT remain in the server. 
   Also, be sure to update the settings promptly if there is a change in the transfer destination address.


You can use Filters to move emails to particular folders when you receive emails.

Click 「Preferences」tab and click 「Filters」.

then Click 「Create Filter」.

Enter the details of filters, then click 「OK」.

Click 「Save」.

Language Settings

Select 「Preferences」 and click 「General」.

You can choose the language from the list of Language in 「Time Zone and Language」.