Tips. About Dormitory Network

In student dormitories, wireless LAN service has been equipped by the centre. However the network connection may be of very low quality due to signal interference from many access points placed in neighbouring rooms. Moreover deterioration of signal quality leads to the emergence of new access points with high radio wave output, and the interference is further increased. Thus everyone using wireless LAN service in dormitory is in a vicious circle. Accordingly, please cooperate for better management environment.

It is required to register the device for wired-LAN in dormitory.
Please show the following link.

Network Registration System

PCs without a wired LAN connector, such as notebook PCs, can be connected to a wired LAN by using a wired LAN adapter with a USB connection. The shape of the USB terminal is Type-A / Type-C, and you need to choose the one that compatible with your PC (the Surface is Type-A).

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