Application for User Account

This page explains how to apply for a user account.

How to apply for a user account depends on the category of the user such as faculty/staff, students, short-stay researchers, collaborative researches, etc. Please carefully confirm the procedure, especially in the case of applying on a regular basis required.

※In case of a collaborative research fellow or a JAIST graduate who are not enrooled in JAIST, please deal with a user account carefully enough not to interfere with JAIST research activities.


Before receiving a user account and related materials, users are supposed to takte the orientation seminar at RCACI reception (or the joint orientation seminar for new students/ staff in April or October) and submit "Usage Agreement for JAIST Informatin Environment". (The details of the orientation will be informed via the section/faculty in charge.)



For Faculty/Staff

The account is made upon request from the Personal section.

The clerk in charge (different affiliation) will handover the initial password paper notification, the initial password should be changed soon after receiving the notification.

Account validity is limited by the term of office.



For students

The account is made upon request of academician.

After the initial password paper notification is received, the initial password should be changed soon.

Account validity is limited by the enrollment period of the student.

For temporary visitors (as visiting researchers)

Account validity is limited by the duration of stay of the researcher in principle.

The initial password will be handed out in the paper notification at a later date. The researcher should change it soon after receiving the paper notification.

For dispatch joint researchers

Apply through Research Cooperation Section after specifying affiliation of the dispatch researcher and the length of his stay. Also the supervising teacher can apply for it. After the initial password paper notification is received, the initial password should be changed soon.

For joint researchers

In principle, user account can't be issued for joint researchers that aren't enrolled in the university, such as coordinated joint research without contract of joint research.

Only if absolutely necessary for the research, an account with minimum authority can be requested. The reason why the account is needed, his faculty must apply for the account with specifying affiliation of joint researcher and the validity period. It can also be applied by secretariats.



In this case, joint researcher gets the account that can be used only inside the firewall of our university when he is on campus


Pay attention to the security and let him know the rules of responsibly using our information environment.

You can't set up VPN from outside the university firewall, in that case the supervising faculty should consult with the joint researcher about using protocol (such as S/Key and ssh) and do.

After the initial password paper notification is received, the initial password should be changed soon.

When there are multiple joint researchers, we will issue different accounts each of them. Don't share the same account/password.