Network File Service for Research

About Network File Service for Research

For research, as when multiple users handle common data, it is often necessary to store a file in a group shared directory. For such cases, the centre provides free space other than the home directory.

The purpose of this service is to store files that do not belong to a specific individual, such as files related to a specific research project, and provide sharing area that all members of the group can access. Research projects can be apply for this service.

Even if the members participating in a research project are from different laboratories, they can access to the common data. When the same laboratory promotes several projects, with different participating members, they can use separate file areas.

How to apply and necessary information

In such directories, multiple projects are stored in one partition. According the usage of the disk etc. When the disk becomes full, we move the directories.


Please apply by e-mail to isc-apply(at) in the following way.



(Students also accepted)


(Only in case of students)

Project name

(Includes a briefing about the project)

Project detail

(Project purpose and details)

Directory name


Size of Directory



NFS / SMB (select one)*3

Terms of use

Until 20XX year Y month M day D
(Generally until the end of the year. However, it can be extended till March.
Note* without extension requesting, it may be deleted.


Access directory user ID list*4


*1 Valid characters are alphanumeric characters, "-" and "_".
    You can access it as follows.
        For NFS: /home/prj.hogehoge
        For SMB: ¥¥SERVER¥FOLDER¥prj.hogehoge
*2 Approximately is fine.  
*3 Select NFS when planning to mainly use from Unix, and SMB for Windows. For NFS, accessble machines are basically provided by RCACI (Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure).
*4 Please note that it is not a mail address. Please note that the email address before the @ is not always the same as the user ID, mainly for students (Reference link).

Changing members

If you need to change the members who have access to the project directory, please provide the following information to RCACI.

  • Directory name (prj.〇〇〇)
  • User ID to be add or delete (sXXXXXXX, h-hoge, etc.)