Network File Service for Research

About Network File Service for Research

For research, as when multiple users handle common data, it is often necessary to store a file in a group shared directory. For such cases, the centre provides free space other than the home directory.

The purpose of this service is to store files that do not belong to a specific individual, such as files related to a specific research project, and provide sharing area that all members of the group can access. Research projects can be apply for this service.

Even if the members participating in a research project are from different laboratories, they can access to the common data. When the same laboratory promotes several projects, with different participating members, they can use separate file areas.

How to check directories with access rights

You can check the following page for directories that include you as a member.

[RCACI Portal] Network File Service for Research


・Sign-in is required after accessing the portal site.
・When signing in for the first time, it takes about 30 minutes for the project area to appear correctly.



How to Apply for Shared Directory

Please use the following portal site to apply for the creation of a new research directory or for changes or extensions.

[RCACI Portal] Directory Application Page


<Reference>How to apply via the Web

・Sign-in is required after accessing the portal site.
・The page will not be displayed immediately after signing in for the first time. It will take about 5 minutes before you can access the page.
・The application is available only for faculty and staff.
・Some browsers (e.g. Safari) may not display correctly. Please click the URL below the application.
・New creation applications are accepted from faculty and staff only. Students should consult with their faculty advisor.
・Change/extension applications are accepted only from the "owner" user of the directory.