2. Single-Sign-On System

Various online services via "Single-Sign-On System" are available. (e.g., Web-Mail, Online-Storage, SSL-VPN,Office365, and so on.)


Usage of "Single-Sign-On System"

Your username and initial password are listed on the postcard included in your JAIST account distribution.
Please peel off the blindfold sticker and check it.

Reference: Flow of JAIST-SSO



One-Time Password

One Time Password (OTP) is a time-limited six-digit numeric password.
It is required for JAIST-SSO authentication from off-campus networks.
For using OTP, an OTP generation application must be set up on the device (smartphone or PC) that is usually carried by you.


For New Students
Postcard with a "Secret Key for TOTP (Time-based One-time Password)" will be distributed at the same time as your JAIST account, and you can register your OTP from off-campus. For setting with OTP key, please refer the following link.
How to set up One-Time Password (OTP) using postcard


[For those who have not received the "Private Key for Setting One Time Password" postcard (Faculty, Staff, Researchers, etc.)]
OTP can only be obtained on campus.
It will be convenient to utilise OTP key off campus, if you install the OTP application on a mobile device such as a smart phone.

 Reference: One-time Pasword



Let's try authentication with JAIST-SSO!

Try accessing Webmail by clicking on the URL below. If you have not already authenticated, you should see a screen for entering your user name. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your user name and password (or one-time password if you are off-campus). When the Webmail screen appears, the authentication is successful.



Q. What is the single sign-on system (JAIST-SSO)?
A. This system unifies authentication for use of various systems on campus. For example, when you sign in with JAIST-SSO to access Webmail, the same browser will not require authentication to access other services (online storage, JAIST-LMS, etc.) for a certain period of time.

Q. Why is an OTP or digital certificate required when accessing from an off-campus network?
A. For security purposes. Prevent identity theft by checking not only the password "you remember", but also the OTP/digital certificate set on the device "you have".

Q. I am on campus, but cannot successfully authenticate with just a username and password.
A. Even if you are "on campus," you may not be connected to the "campus network." For example, mobile lines and some guest networks are off-campus networks even if you are on campus.

Q. I fail to authenticate with JAIST-SSO.
A. First, please read "When login fails in JAIST-SSO". If you still fail, please come to the reception desk of the Center with your PC during the time when the Help Desk staff is available.