2. Single-Sign-On System

Various online services via "Single-Sign-On System" are available.
    (e.g., Web-Mail, Online-Storage, SSL-VPN,Office365, and so on.)

Usage of "Single-Sign-On System"

  • Accessing from on campus : "User ID" and "password " is required
  • Accessing from off-campus : In addition to the above, OTP(One-Time Password) is required.

Notice:OTP can only be obtained on campus.
   It will be convenient to utilise OTP key off campus, if you install the OTP application on a mobile device such as a smart phone.

Notice: (For person enrolled in Apr.2020) OTP key will be handed out. There is no need to conduct the on-campus issuance process. For setting with OTP key, please refer the following link.

One-Time Password