Web Service

Web Service

JAIST users can publish their own/shared Website.

・Personal Website (personal memorandum, research progress and so on)

・Shared Website (for laboratory, project and other) 


In order to publish the website using our WEB server, user registration is necessary.


  User registration of WEB server


URL and how to create

・Personal Website


・Non Personal Website (laboratory, project, such as the conference management)

         How to Create


If the specifications of our provided Web server are not suitable for the design of the site you want to build, you can also use a separate Web server.

Procedures for using the provided server



In case of file sharing

Instead of publishing on the site, there are other ways for providing online storage for the purpose of distributing documents, gathering papers, etc.You can exchange files safely and easily with other parties inside and outside the campus.For details, please refer to the following.

Online Storage Service