RISO ORPHIS GD9630 (for Case Work etc.)

Type: Copy machine for production

Location: User Room (Room I-23, 2nd floor of IS Building 2)
Host name: ps-orphis (

Following functions are available.

  • Scanner
  • Copier
  • Printer
  • Bookbinding machine

When you use this machine, logging in with JAIST user account and password is required. A copy card is not necessary.

Instruction manuals are placed near the machine.

GBC SureBind System2

GBC SureBind System2 is available in User Room (I-23).
You can get the plastic strip and sheet at the reception desk (Monday-Friday, 08:30-17:00).
Instruciton manuals written in English and Japanese are placed near the machine.
Please do the binding by yourself.