JAIST Network

This page explains the usage of the computer network provided by JAIST. We provide professional information such as IPv6, wireless LAN in campus and in student dormitory.


In order to protect your devices and information of others, you MUST comply "Guideline for JAIST Information Environment Users." Especially the folloings,
- Keep your OS of your devices up-to-date.
- Keep your definition file of your anti-virus software up-to-date.






I cannot connect to JAIST Wi-Fi

If you don't know How to connect to JAIST Wi-Fi.

Please read this page "How to connect to JAIST Wi-Fi".

If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi after configuring the settings.

Make sure that the certificate has been imported.
Please accsess UPKI_Manual (Windows / macOS) to see the "Checking the Certificate (PKCS#12 file)" section.

If you can connect before but suddenly cannot connect to JAIST Wi-Fi.

Please make sure that the imported certificate is valid.

If you cannot connect after renewing the certificate.

After renewing the certificate, please refer to the following page to modify your Wi-Fi settings.
How to Replace Digital Certificates for Wi-Fi

I would like my own static IP address in the student dormitory.

In the student dormitory, IP addresses cannot be allocated in a static manner.

I would like to obtain 5 or 10 IP addresses in the student dormitory

As far as concerned, there is no restriction to this kind of usage. However, if everyone starts doing the same thing, the student dormitory connection will collapse as a whole. Since all rooms share a common IP address, please try to use it moderately. In cases where excessive use is noticeable (as judged by the Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure), we will suspend or limit the connection.

How do I find my Mac address?

Windows XP/vista/7

 [Start] → [Programs] → [Accessories] → [Command Prompt]
Please enter "getmac /v /fo list". The "Physical address" is the MAC address.

Image here

2.# Those who have LAN network connection#
"Physical address" is the MAC address of the wired LAN which is several lines under the "Local Area Connection" section

# Those who have a wireless network connection #
"Physical address" is the MAC address of the wireless LAN which is several rows under the "Wireless network connection" section


Macintosh(OSX) System Preferences Search

1.Select [System Configuration] → [Network].

2. # Mac OS X 10.5 or later #
Select Ethernet (for wired LAN) or AirMAc(for wireless LAN) and go to "Detail" at the bottom right.
The contents of [Ethernet ID] or [MAC address] displayed when right clicking on Ethernet is the Mac Address.

# Mac OSX 10.3 - 10.4 people #

Change the [Display] menu to built-in Ethernet (for wired LAN) or AirMac(for wireless LAN).
The Mac Address is the content of [Ethernet ID] displayed when clicking on Ethernet which is at the rightmost .

# Mac Ox 10.2 Who #
Change the [Display] menu to built-in Ethernet (for wired LAN) or AirMac(for wireless LAN)
Select the TCP / IP tab. The displayed content of Ethernet address is the MAC address.

Macintosh (OSX) Search by  terminal
Go to Macintosh HD> Applications> Utilities> Terminal,
If ifconfig -a is executed, the item of either is the MAC address.
In many cases, en0 is a wired LAN and en1 is a wireless LAN.

Macintosh (OS 9 or earlier)
[Apple Menu] → [Apple System · Profile] → [System Characteristic] → [Network Outline] → [AppleTalk] → Hardware Address This hardware address is the MAC address.
Or you can check it with Control Panel -> AppleTalk -> "File" -> "View Information" control panel -> TCP / IP -> "File" -> "View Information".

Are there other mnemonic names for MAC addresses?

Yes, depending on the OS, it is sometimes written as physical address, Ethernet address, Ethernet ID, hardware address, etc.

I handed over my PC. Should I delete the terminal information from Network Registration System?

Yes, if you do not delete it will remain registered as your terminal. If a virus infection is suspected or P2P unauthorized use on that PC within JAIST, you may be held liable.

I want to connect Wi-Fi to my new PC.

In order to use JAIST Wi-Fi, you need to import your digital certificate into your PC.

  • When you want to continue to use your old PC

①Export the digital certificate that your old PC has.
(Be sure to select "Export secret key.")

②Import the exported digital certificate to the new PC.

③Set up JAIST Wi-Fi on the new PC.

  • When you do not use the old PC / When the certificate could not be exported

①Revoke the digital certificate you are currently using.

②Issue a new digital certificate.

③Import the issued digital certificate to the new PC.

④Set up JAIST Wi-Fi on the new PC.

[When you want to use the digital certificate on the old PC]
⑤Delete the revoked digital certificate on the old PC, and import the newly issued digital certificate.

⑥Set up JAIST Wi-Fi on the old PC.

Please refer to the following page for the specific method of each procedure.

If you are not sure how to operate the system by yourself, the help desk will support you. Please bring your old PC and new PC to the reception desk of the RCACI.

What is the IP address range assigned to the student dormitories?

From to ; About 599 addresses

Guests from other universities want to use the network.

Preparation is required for off-campus users to use the JAIST network.


eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Members of eduroam participating institutions can use "SSID:eduroam" at JAIST by setting up eduroam usage at their own institutions in advance.
eduroam JP Participants
Map of eduroam participating countries and regions


・eduroam-ID for visitors

Faculty and staff can issue "Visitor's eduroam-ID" to guests, and guests can use the Wi-Fi.
This service is available without application to RCACI and is recommended for urgent guests or a few guests.
* You must issue one eduroam-ID for visitor per one guest.
eduroam-ID for visitors


Also, guests staying at the JAIST International Seminar House will receive a Wi-Fi account that can be used on campus at JAIST only during the period of their stay.


Note that these networks are for off-campus users, and access to campus-only systems is restricted.

Network Registration System

What is the network connection application system?

It is a system for applying to connect a terminal to the network. It is to substitute for submitting conventional network connection application form.

Is the network connection application system for general network connectivity?

No. At  Apr 2020, it is applied only to the wired LAN of JAIST house and student dormitories 1-8. It is not applicable for wireless LAN. We are going to expand the scope to whole schools

Are there an expiration date for registered terminal entry?

Yes. The validity period is one year from the registration date

Can I extend the term of validity?

Yes. You can apply for extension at any time. Every time an extension request is made, one year after that date will be set as the expiration date.

What happens when the validity period expires?

It will be handled in the same way as an unregistered devices and will be only be able to access the network connection application system.
Please register your devices again.

"There is a duplicate in the entries or the pending applications of the entered MAC address".

Please check the registered device list screen to see if you registered the same MAC address previously. If it is not there, it is thought that someone else registered by mistake. In that case, please let us know the MAC address you tried to register and your account to the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center.

Is there an upper limit to the number of terminals that can be registered?

Yes, it will be displayed as the "maximum registered number" on the registered device list screen.

How many devices I have registered can be connected simultaneously?

As of now no limit is placed on the number of units. However, extreme things may have an adverse effect on others, such as pressing down on the number of free IP addresses, so please use it moderately. It is intentionally being applied such restrictions at RCACI.

Is it necessary only for PC to register?

No. In principle, registration is required for all devices that need IP address assignment. Registration is necessary for routers and network compatible printers.