For cases when you have trouble connecting to SSL-VPN


In order to participate in online lectures from off-campus or to work from home, you need to use SSL-VPN services. Some users have reported that it is difficult or impossible to connect to SSL-VPN. If you have problems with SSL-VPN connections, please try the following. (If JAIST-SSO fails, please click here.)


  1. Use of alternative methods
    We have prepared two alternative methods apart from the URL for the official service. The official service ( is considered to be the most comfortable to use, but if you have connection problems, please try Alternative 1 and Alternative 2. (Reference: Remote Access (SSL-VPN))

    Alternative 1
    Please access the following URL.
    The procedure for using this service is the same as the official service.
    Alternative 2
    Please refer to the following page (Japanese only) and use "vpn2".

  2. Change the network you are using
    It may be difficult to connect due to the concentration of network usage with other users.
    Please consider using tethering on your smartphone or coming to campus.