Access to Online-Lecture

Some lectures are available online.
Preparation is required to attend online lectures.

Preparation (for taking the course from off-campus)

In order to take online lectures from off-campus, you must be prepared to use a one-time password and SSL-VPN.

One Time Password (OTP)

You will use JAIST-SSO for authentication to use various systems at JAIST.

JAIST-SSO can be authenticated by "username + password" when logging in from on-campus,
but "username + password + one-time password(OTP) or digital certificate" is required to log in from off-campus.

For students who will enroll in April 2022, we will provide a postcard with a "Secret Key for TOTP (Time-based One-time Password)" to set up the OTP.
Please refer to the following page to register your OTP device.

How to set up One-Time Password (OTP) using postcard




An SSL-VPN connection is required to access the on-campus only system from off-campus.
The SSL-VPN connection is authenticated by JAIST-SSO.

Please refer to the following page for SSL-VPN connection.

How to use SSL-VPN on PCs




Preparation (both on and off campus)

Please prepare the following for the online lecture.


A. Device (PC, tablet), webcam, microphone

There is no need to provide a webcam/microphone if it is attached to the device.
In a noisy room, a headset is a good option.

B. Internet connection

Please prepare an internet environment such as wired LAN, Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, etc.
For information on using campus Wi-Fi, please refer to this page. (Digital certificate is required.)

C. JAIST account and password

The username and initial password are listed on the "User Account Information" postcard distributed at the time of enrollment.

D. Room to attend

Please take the lecture in a quiet room where you can participate calmly.
* When you are taking online lectures outside of your own room, please use earphones or headphones so as not to disturb others.


Online lectures are taken using "Webex" or "JAIST-LMS".

Please refer to the Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research web page for course instructions.

Hyflex and Online Lectures (Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research)





For problems with JAIST-SSO or SSL-VPN, please contact the Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure.

  • Account, password


For online lectures, please contact the Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research.

  • Webex


The copyright of lecture materials and videos belongs to the instructor of the lecture. Students are requested not to share or upload materials, videos, or URLs to access them on social networking sites without the permission of faculty (even without malice).