Access to Online-Lecture

Online lectures are offered in the following two main styles.
Please check it on LMS in advance to see which style the lecture will be held.


In order to take the online lectures, please confirm the following and prepare yourself if necessary.


lecture Archive System (LMS):Firefox (Web Browser)
Webex:Windows, MacOS, iOS/iPad OS, Andrid, and Linux.

A laptop or tablet with a camera or microphone simplifies the configuration.


It can be used in any environment where Internet access is available, such as wired LAN, Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, Wimax, etc. (However, the following points should be noted)

b-1 About packet communication charges
An hour's audio/image connection at a Webex Meeting will generate about 200MB of packet communication.
Pay-as-you-go billing may result in high billing or bandwidth restrictions due to overuse, so please check the contract details.
The three major mobile phone companies have announced discounts on the amount of mobile communication for students.
Please check the announcement of each mobile phone company to see if you are in this category or not.

b-2 Communication Bandwidth
In urban areas and at night (especially when using an MVMO), communication bandwidth may not be available, which may result in unstable performance, such as no screen transmission or interrupted audio.

b-3 Wi-Fi in student dormitory
There have been reports of no/slow Wi-Fi in student dormitory.
For details, please refer to Tips: Wireless LAN in the dormitory.

C. account/password, one-time password, email address, (digital certificate)

You will need this information to use the LMS and Webex.
Be prepared to take advantage of it.

 D. Space to attend

Make sure you have a quiet room where you can relax and participate.

If possible, please use your own room in the student housing.
Tokyo Satellite is closed and cannot be used.
As of April 14, there is no restriction on access to the campus of Ishikawa Campus.
Students who do not have internet access at home can participate in lectures from MS hall.
However, please make sure to reserve the space to take the course, considering that circumstances may restrict access to the course.

E. Cameras, Headphones, Microphones

Please provide a camera, headphones/speakers, and a microphone as needed to allow two-way communication with the instructor.

If the camera is attached to the device, you don't need to prepare it separately.
If you can't attend from your private room, it's a good idea to bring headphones or a headset (headphones with a microphone).
There are 3.5mm mini-jack, USB, Bluetooth, etc. to connect to the device, but please check what kind of connection jack is available on the device.
The earphones that come with your smartphone may have a microphone function, so there is a way to connect them to your device.
If you have a Bluetooth connection, please check the battery life and whether you can use it while charging.

1. Recorded Lecture

You can watch the lectures registered in advance in the lecture archive system(JAIST-LMS) at any time.
Please click here to learn how to use it.

Lecture Archive System(JAIST-LMS)

2. Interactive Lecture on video conference system (WebEX)

Participate in online lectures on WebEX given by faculty members interactively. You can participate in the lectures by accessing the URL listed in each lecture (course) of LMS.

Please see the following links for more information on how to use it.

Web Conference System

Tips. Online-Lecture accessing from off-campus of JAIST

To view these online lectures from off-campus, SSL-VPN is required.
Please read the following and complete the necessary setup in JAIST in advance.


Tips. About Dormitory Network

In student dormitories, wireless LAN service has been equipped by the centre. However the network connection may be of very low quality due to signal interference from many access points placed in neighbouring rooms. Moreover deterioration of signal quality leads to the emergence of new access points with high radio wave output, and the interference is further increased. Thus everyone using wireless LAN service in dormitory is in a vicious circle. Accordingly, please cooperate for better management environment.

It is required to register the device for wired-LAN in dormitory.
Please show the following link.

Network Registration System

PCs without a wired LAN connector, such as notebook PCs, can be connected to a wired LAN by using a wired LAN adapter with a USB connection. The shape of the USB terminal is Type-A / Type-C, and you need to choose the one that compatible with your PC (the Surface is Type-A).

Examples of products)




[4/30追加] Tips. 携帯電話事業者による学生向け支援について

各携帯電話事業者によって適用条件、適用期間、支援内容(割引内容)等が異なりますので、 よく内容を確認してご活用ください。



The copyright of lecture materials and videos belongs to the instructor of the lecture. Students are requested not to share or upload materials, videos, or URLs to access them on social networking sites without the permission of faculty (even without malice).