Mailing List

Create/Edit Mailing List

You can create a mailing list for purpose of education, research and businesslike communication.


Please contact us by email ( with the following information via your JAIST account.

1. Mailing List Address
  ※should be 9 and more lower-case letters (No capital letter)
2. Purpose
  (e.g. For XX Lecture)


  1. User Environment Setting→Click 「Login by Certificate」→「Mail」→「Mailing List」.
  2. Mailing lists which you have administrator's privileges will be shown, click a mailing list which you want to edit.
  3. Enter email addresses of the administrators (only JAIST user) of the mailing list at "Administration for this list".
  4. Enter email addresses of the members of the mailing list at "Member of this list".
  5. Click "Modify" button and go to the next step. If a mistake of email address is found, an error message will be indicated.
  6. Check the confirmation window and then if there is no problem, click "Confirm" button.
    When you want to go back to edit Administrator and Member, click "Back to Edit".

User Environment Setting/Mailing Lists Create and Modify