4. Compiler, Software

In each parallel computer, in addition to creating scripts, you can download, compile and use commercial and non-commercial tools and software.

In addition, the following scientific calculation software is installed in each machine.

  • BIOVIA MaterialsStudio
  • Gaussian
  • Mathworks MATLAB
  • Wolfram Mathematica



Compiler, Software

Intel Compiler (OneAPI), GNU Compiler, AOCC, CUDA,Intel MKL,many of libraries, compilers, software are pre-installed on the computing servers.

Use the module command to use it. Please refer the Environment Setup page of MPC Manual.

Python Packages

For Python packager,  Miniconda is available.
Refer the following Site.(For accessing from OUTSIDE of JAIST, VPN is required.)

JAIST Conda Repository


Container is useful for environment setup. For detail, refer the following link.