This page illustrates how to connect to JAIST Wi-Fi using digital certificates for Windows 7.

#To use the secure network, please download and install your digital certificate in advance, as in the following link.


Digital Certificate

1. Import Digital Certificate

Check your digital certificate which you have already imported to your system. You can find your digital certificate on

Control Panel > Internet Option > Contents > Certificate.

If you cannot find your digital certificate, you should import it first by following the steps.

2.Add a wireless network

Open "Manage Wireless Networks".

"Control Panel" > "Network and Internet" > "Network and Sharing Center" > "Manage Wireless Networks"

Click "Add" to add a new wireless network.

3. Setup a new network profile

Select "Manually create a network profile".

4. Setup parameters of the wireless connection

Insert and select following wireless network settings.

  • Network name : JAIST
  • Security type : WPA2 - Enterprise
  • Encryption type : AES

You'll get a message "Successfully added JAIST".

After that, you need to access the detailed setting for this network. Click the "Change connection settings" link.

5. Setup "JAIST" network

When the notification "JAIST successfully added" appears, click on "Change connection settings".

6. Setup properties of "JAIST" wireless network

Select the following values in "JAIST wireless network properties" window.

  • Security type : WPA2 - Enterprise
  • Encryption type : AES
  • Choose a network authentication method : Microsoft: Smart Card or other certificate

Click the "Setting" button for detailed setting of the authentication method.

7. Setup root certification athorities

Check the following checkboxes.

  • Trusted Root Certification Authorities
    • Security Communication RootCA1 (if available)
    • Security Communication RootCA2 (mandatory)
    • Security Communication EV RootCA1 (if available)
  • Use a different user name for the connection

If you cannot find these certification authorities, please install root certificate by following steps before continuing your wireless settings.

8. Confirmation of "JAIST" connection

Close and apply all the setting windows, and open the "available wireless network" pane by clicking the "network" icon in the notification area. Click the "Connect" button beside "JAIST" network.

9. Certificate selection

The certificate selection will pop up. Select your digital certificate and change the connection user name.

  • Username or certificate : Select your installed digital certificate
  • Connection username : [Your JAIST account]
    Ex. If you are student, use "" style even you have changed E-mail address.

10. Completion

Finally you can find the status of network "JAIST" will be changing to "Connected".