Cyber Security Training (e-learning)


  The trend of cyber attack is changing fast and the number of cyber crime is increasing in these days.
  For protecting our advanced IT assets and sensitive personal information from cyber threats, it becomes more important for us to improve our cyber security measures and awareness.

  Based on "The JAIST Master Plan for Cyber Security," we will conduct cyber security training to improve cyber security awareness of all member's, which is available on our E-learning system anytime and anywhere.
1. Target Persons
    Directors, Faculty, Staff, Students

2. How to Take
    There is two training courses, one is for student and the other is for directors/faculty/staff.
     Each student can attend also the course for faculty.
  Step1. Click the following link ,log-in and click "Enrol me" to start the training.
   * Configuration profiles will be required for the first time.
      Setup your profile and access the URL again.

   + Directors/Faculty/Staff
      Open the following course:
            "Topic1 教職員のための情報倫理とセキュリティ2019年度版"
               * The document is Japanese text only.
                 If it isn't convenient for you,
                 you can choice the English course for student.

   + Student
      Select the following courses:
             "Topic1 INFOSS Information Ethics 2019 "
    [Japanese(with Kana)]

  Step2. Do "Topic2 Completion Test".
         * If there are more than 80% questions answered correctly, Completion certificate is automatically issued.

  Step3. Answer "Topic3 Questionnaire"
         * The survey has no relation to the training completion.

3. Term
        Pass the completion test by Mar. 31, 2020.


How to confirm your completion status

Please refer the following step to confirm your completion status.

1.   Log in to LMS.
2-a. Case: There is notification on Bell shaped Icon
      Click the icon. If the notification tells  completion of e-learning, you can confirm your "complete badge" from the link in the notification.
2-b.Case: You can't find any kind of notification
  Click your name (or Profile picture) and select "Profile" .
  Complete badge will be appeared if you passed the e-learning contents.