In addition to Microsoft campus agreement, JustSystems also has a (J-License) contract almost similar to that of JustSystems.

J-License does not issue general volume licenses to personal computers, so it does not count the number of users (students, faculty and staff, etc.) belonging to the contracting organization (in this case JAIST). A license is issued according to the contract. This agreement is time-limited, and you can install and use the software only while JAIST and JustSystems keep the contract.

Who can use?

  • Students, faculty, researchers and staff of JAIST, you can install and use, that is anyone who enrolled in JAIST.
  • When you need to borrow the installation media, according to Microsoft campus agreements, please ask faculty, researchers, staff to borrow it.
  • The return due date is the next business day to the day of borrowing.
  • Caution: Temporary part-time workers and those hired temporarily can not use that software.

Which computers can be used?

Machines belonging to JAIST asset.
Still, since the contract is limited to the campus premises, if a JAIST machine is used in another research institution, it can not be installed.

Usgae term

While enrolled in JAIST, you can install and use it.
If you are no longer a member of JAIST due to graduation, withdrawal, retirement, etc., you must un-install it.

Available Software

For Windows

  • 一太郎2009(Japanese word processor)  
  • ATOK 2009(Japanese input system)
  • ATOK Pro for Windows
  • ATOK Pro 2 for Windows
  • 三四郎2009(Japanese spreadsheet software)
  • 花子2009(Integrated graphics software)
  • Agree 2009(Presentation software)
  • JUST PDF(PDF software set)
  • JUST Office [Standard]
    • Included software (installation on private PC is also possible)
      • JUST Calc
      • JUST Slide
      • JUST Note
      • 一太郎Pro
      • ATOK Pro for Windows
      • JUST PDF 2 [create / edit]
      • 花子2012
      • Shuriken 2012 CE
      • JUST InkCutter
  • JUST Office 2 /R.2 [Standard] (Office integration software)
    • Included software (installation on private PC is also possible)
      • JUST Calc
      • JUST Slide
      • JUST Note
      • 一太郎Pro 2
      • ATOK Pro 2 for Windows
      • JUST PDF 3 [create / edit plus]
      • 花子Pro
      • Shuriken Pro 5
      • JUST InkCutter & PaperSaver
  • JUST Office 3 [Standard] (Office integration software)
    • Included software (installation on private PC is also possible)
      • JUST Calc 3
      • JUST Focus 3
      • JUST Note 3
      • 一太郎Pro 3
      • ATOK Pro 3 for Windows
      • JUST PDF 3 [create / edit plus]
      • 花子Pro 3

For Mac

  • ATOK 2009 for Mac(Japanese input system)
    • Supported OS versions: MacOS 10.5~10.4.11 and MacOS 10.6(requires Rosetta)。
  • ATOK 2011 for Mac
  • ATOK 2012 for Mac
  • ATOK 2013 for Mac
  • ATOK 2014 for Mac
  • ATOK 2015 for Mac

Both Windows、Mac has vulnerability as mentioned in the following important information.

Please check the above link.


  • Again: Please return it by the next business day.
  • Aside from the Microsoft campus agreement, there is no system to purchase media/software for individuals.
  • Rules in this page are subject to change when necessary without further pre-notice.


  • Copying that medium when you borrowing it.
  • Making a copy on the computer even if it is the computer where it is installed.
  • Lending to a person not registered in JAIST.
  • Lend it directly to other JAIST members.
  • Leaving JAIST without un-installing.


  • To help decide whether to continue the contract, please cooperate in recording the installed software name · OS type and number.
  • Please follow the rules here and other rules as well as please use it properly.