Replacement of Online Storage System

Following the expiry of the lease for the "J-storage (nextcloud)" online storage system, a new "J-storage Box" online storage system  is now in service. If you need the data on the current system, please transfer the data by yourself by 17:00, Friday, April 28, 2023. Visit this page for more information on replacement.

Service URL

You can use the Online Storage System ”J-storage-2018”.


When using Online Storage System from outside JAIST network (excluding VPN connection), 2-step verification is required.
For details about 2-step verification is here.

The version of J-Storage was upgraded during the maintenance on 2022/1/20.
- Not available in Internet Explorer (IE)
- The minimum length of the password set when sharing the URL has been changed.
    Before version upgrade:8 characters or more
    After version update     :10 characters or more


You can upload large files to the server and securely exchange files with other parties inside and outside the university.

This system is built in our private cloud.

All the data is stored on the secured cloud, so you can use the service more securely with maintaining usability similar to "DropBox" and "GoogleDrive" services.

Possible usage

  • For securely transferring files over the Internet. (1._Jstorage-2018_Web-Browser_operation-EN.pdf - file URL sharing)
  • Transfer (deliver) large file size that can not be attached in e-mails. (1._Jstorage-2018_Web-Browser_operation-EN.pdf - file URL sharing)
  • For files of 2~3 MB or larger, please use this service instead of mail attachments. (1._Jstorage-2018_Web-Browser_operation-EN.pdf - file URL sharing)
  • To exchange (deliver) files with someone who is not a JAIST member. (1._Jstorage-2018_Web-Browser_operation-EN.pdf - file URL sharing)
  • To share data with other campus users. (1._Jstorage-2018_Web-Browser_operation-EN.pdf - file sharing with other "OwnCloud" accounts)
  • For File version management. (1._Jstorage-2018_Web-Browser_operation-EN.pdf - version management)
  • To synchronize folders between local storage and folders in "OwnCloud" using auxiliary applications installed on PC or smartphone. (2._Jstorage-2018_Client-tool_setting_and_operation-EN.pdf)

User Manual is here.


  • Be careful not to violate the Rights of public transmission,
  • University's resources are used for this service. Please do not use for purposes other than for educational research purposes in JAIST.
  • Please be careful not to violate the right to make public transmission possible.
  • If you are sharing files with other users, do not use J-Storage as a permanent storage for the original files, and ask them to copy the necessary files to another storage location (which may cause confusion if the sharing settings are removed).
  • There is no data retention period, but please delete or unshare unnecessary data as soon as possible.
  • The file size that can be uploaded or downloaded at one time is up to 30 GB (operationally confirmed).
  • Please be careful when sharing the file name to other users, as some devices do not distinguish between upper- and lower-case characters (synchronization error occurs).

Application installation

By installing a dedicated application on a PC or smartphone, in addition to the functions available on the Web browser, synchronization between folders in the local storage and folders in the Jstorage-2018 server becomes possible. You can download it from the dedicated application Nextcloud website or Jstorage-2018 settings.
For details, please refer to 2._Jstorage-2018_Client-tool_setting_and_operation-EN.pdf of User Manual.


online storage

"Account storage limit reached" is displayed and I cannot upload files.

Students, teachers and researchers can upload up to 100 GB to their personal folders (top area), while staff cannot upload to their personal folders.
For more information, please see 'About folders - personal folders'.

After signing in, the "HTTP Status 403 - Forbidden" screen was displayed.

You are not authorised to use the J-Storage Box. There are two possible reasons:

  • Not eligible for use
    Please check who is eligible to use the J-Stoarge Box. If you are an eligible user but the 403 screen is displayed, please contact us with your user name and status.
  • Have a free account with a JAIST email address
    If you have a free account with a JAIST email address, you are not authorised to use the J-Stoarge Box because we cannot create a JAIST administration account on the J-Stoarge Box. Please contact us after changing the default email address of your free account.
After signing in, "Part of JAIST?" "Invalid login credentials" screen will be displayed.

You are eligible to use the J-Storage Box, but your JAIST managed account does not exist. When you have changed your email address, please wait 1~2 working days. If you still cannot sign in after waiting a few days, please contact us with your username.

The 'People with the link' option is not available for shared links

Shared links for 'People with the link' can only be set for personal files or files under the 'XXX-4.linkable' folder. For more information, see 'About folders'.

When exactly does a shared link with an expiry date expire?

If the expiry date is not changed, public shared links ('People with the link' shared links) expire after 1 day (24 hours) and other shared links after 7 days. Shared links set by date expire at around 15:00 Pacific Standard Time (14:00 Daylight Saving Time), 8:00 or 7:00 Japan Standard Time.

Can the invitation of an unmanaged user be extended?
I want a folder that can be used by members of the lab.

Faculty members should create a folder under the "internal folder" and invite members of the laboratory to it.
If you need to invite JAIST unmanaged users (e.g. non-regular students or external collaborators), please create a folder for your laboratory in the "invitable folder".

A file has deleted. Can you find out who deleted it? And is it possible to restore the file?

It is possible to investigate user activity on the file with sufficient information from the responsible person for the file. The file can be restored if it remains in the Trash, but not completely deleted.

If you wish to investigate and restore the file, please contact us with the following information.

  • The name of the missing file/folder
  • The path where the file was located
  • The date and time when the file was last seen.
  • (In the case of a shared folder) Can other members see the file?
Can I use Box Drive and mobile apps?

Yes, you can use Box Drive, Box Edit, Box for Androiod Phones, Box for Android Tablet, Box for iPhone and Box for iPad.

However, RCACI does not provide support for these apps. Please use the web service basically and use the apps at your own risk.