Service URL

You can use the Online Storage System ”J-storage-2018”.


When using Online Storage System from outside JAIST network (excluding VPN connection), 2-step verification is required.
For details about 2-step verification is here.


You can upload large files to the server and securely exchange files with other parties inside and outside the university.

This system is built in our private cloud.

All the data is stored on the secured cloud, so you can use the service more securely with maintaining usability similar to "DropBox" and "GoogleDrive" services.

Possible usage

  • For securely transferring files over the Internet. (web browser operation - file URL sharing)
  • Transfer (deliver) large file size that can not be attached in e-mails. (web browser operation - file URL sharing)
  • For files of 2~3 MB or larger, please use this service instead of mail attachments. (web browser operation - file URL sharing)
  • To exchange (deliver) files with someone who is not a JAIST member. (web browser operation - file URL sharing)
  • To share data with other campus users. ((web browser operation - file sharing with other "OwnCloud" accounts)
  • For File version management. (web browser operation - version management)
  • To synchronize folders between local storage and folders in "OwnCloud" using auxiliary applications installed on PC or smartphone. (client tool setting / operation)


• Be careful not to violate the Rights of public transmission,

  • Because there is no data retention period, please delete unnecessary data promptly.
  • University's resources are used for this service. Please do not use for purposes other than for educational research purposes in JAIST.




専用アプリケーションはNextcloudのWebサイトもしくは Jstorage-2018の設定からダウンロードが可能です。