User data when using different servers

The data of each user is stored in the file server operated by the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center.
High-speed, high-capacity, high reliability NFS, stored on CIFS server.

  • Unlike when saved to internal hard disk drive, the possibility of losing data due to hardware failure is lower.
  • We regularly back up so you do not have to do backup yourself. It is also possible to recover from the backup if the user mistakenly erases the data.
  • Redhat can access the data of the home directory from the workstation and Windows virtual desktop, it is possible to access from any terminal that is installed in the campus.
  • The home directories of Linux and Windows are on the same file server, and can access each data easily.

When you use the JAIST cloud desktop (Windows), you don't need to save the file to the C drive (C: \ Users\username\Desktop, etc.), just put on your desktop and documents folder. Otherwise data may not be saved correctly on the file server, and the file may be lost.

What is a home directory?

The home directory is similar to the Redhat workstation, the directory (folder) where various data of the user is saved same as when using the Windows virtual desktop.In our university, the following directory is stored as the home on the file server.




Here is an example of accessing the home directory from a Windows PC..

What is the use of accessing the home directory?

From your personal computer, you can access your home directory on the file server.

You can access files used on various servers in the university.

You can also access My Documents in virtual desktop environments and files stored on the desktop.

How to access the home directory?

1.First thing to do is to check the path of the home directory.

Log in to the Virtual Windows Desktop.

Select a folder or file on the desktop, right click and open "Properties".

The value written in the "Location" field of the "General" tab is the path to access hone directory.

For example, in case of "\\tmpusers\testusers\sentan24\.windows\Desktop"

  • To access UNIX home directory from Windows "\\tmpusers\testusers\sentan24"

  • Windows directory is "\\tmpusers\testusrs\sentan24\.windows"

2. To connect to the file server, the procedure differs depending upon whether it will be from Windows or Mac.



(In case of Windows environment)

To access from a terminal like  private PC, the previous folder (My Documents in the above example):

Open the explorer and enter the previously obtained path in the address bar.

When prompted with the credential information input screen, please enter: 


Username is "AD\username"


After authenticated, the contents of destination folder are displayed.

(In case of Mac OS environment)


From the "Finder" menu, open "Move" -> "Connect to". Enter the server part from the previously obtained path in the "server address field".


<Example> smb://tmpusers/tmpusers/sentan24/Desktop 


When prompted for the username & password please enter:


Password:same  password used for mail and windows services)